The Realign Chakras Redefine Life Program

Realign Chakras Redefine LifeChakras are the seven energy centres in our human body. It is through the Chakras that Prana or vital life force flows through our being keeping us connected to Mother Earth and the Father Sky. Any blockage or imbalance in any of these energy centres results in illnesses and the inability to live or manifest the life of our desire.

The Realign Chakras Redefine Life program is an 8-session series of Chakra Healing meditations aimed changing your vibration to one that’s right for your highest good. Through these one hour meditations I will guide you to cleanse and balance your seven chakras. I call upon the Angels and other Beings of Light to help each individual release old patterns, harmful mindsets and pent up emotions of fear, anxiety and doubt. As each Chakra spins in balance the individual opens up to their soul and allows life to present all the right opportunities.

Why eight sessions?

On the first Session I will help cleanse and balance all chakras opening your being to the process of change. During the remaining 7 sessions, I will focus on one chakra per session with intuitive meditations nudging you to cleanse and change relevant aspects of your life. The aim is to move you into a sustainable and balanced state of being allowing you to successfully recognise the right opportunities and create the life you desire.

Session 1: Focussing on all Chakras to create a sense of balance as well as open one’s being towards change.

Session 2: Focussing on Root Chakra to tackle issues related to overall emotional security and financial stability.

Session 3: Focussing on Sacral Chakra to release harmful conditioning, unhealthy patterns and to develop one’s sense of creative and sexual expression.

Session 4: Focussing on Solar Plexus Chakra or our source of personal power by releasing fears and anxieties.

Session 5: Focussing on the Heart Chakra, our bridge between body, heart and mind, to heal all matters of the heart and to connect our body to the spirit of the universe.

Session 6: Focussing on the Throat Chakra to enable clear communication and our ability to speak the highest truth, always with compassion.

Session 7: Focussing on the Third Eye Chakra to hone our intuition and learn to trust our thoughts as divine guidance.

Session 8: Focussing on the Crown Chakra or the thousand petal lotus that is our connection to the Universe and One Consciousness, making it possible to create and manifest for our highest good.

The Realign Chakras Redefine Life Program is currently in progress at:
Tangerine Arts Studio, Bandra: 7th May to 25th June | Every Saturday | 2pm to 3pm
The Space, Juhu: 7th June to 26th July | Every Tuesday | 11:30 am to 12:30 pm

To register please call Chetna on +91 9833814333

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