The Gratitude Project

The Gratitude ProjectI’m a staunch believer of the ‘gratitude is the right attitude’ school of thought. And I am thrilled to be co-hosting The Gratitude Project with The Light Family Of Singapore. All of May, starting today, you have to find one thing everyday to be grateful for. Yes, that’s how simple it is.

Say thank you for your morning cuppa or that your boss allowed you to take an extra hour off for lunch or that deal you have been working on for months finally came through. Find silly to life changing things, just one reason to say thank you to the Universe everyday.

How do you participate? Just by being thankful for something everyday. We would love to hear from you and the things you are grateful for in comments here or you could also share some of those things by posting it on the Facebook Event Page – The Gratitude Project. You can also keep a gratitude list this month… it helps keep you motivated to reach no 31.

I can recommend a fabulous app created by a dear friend called the Gratitude Journey for iOS (iPhone/iPad/Mac) users. You can happily set daily reminders. Alternatively, just use the memo pad on your phone and set a reminder on it for all of this month.

The vibration of gratitudeNow the big Why. Because every ‘thank you’ you allow yourself to express starts a chain reaction of positivity. Yes, being thankful for the bad things, however difficult it may seem, causes a change in perspectives which can turn the situation on it’s head. Gratitude can heal your and life and your being. Give the magic words ‘thank you’ a shot.

I will be posting my gratitude list on Twitter (@eBubbleWrapped) with #TheGratitudeProject. Feel free to connect and share the moments you are thankful for this May on either of these platforms.

And on that note, I am going to sign off with a Thank You for participating in The Gratitude Project from 1st-31st May 2015.

Love and tightest hugs,

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