The reason why I charge a fee for helping people

In December 2014 I decided to become a full-time Alternative Healing Practitioner. Up until then I was running a food venture – The Basket Case – and I used to freelance as Social Media Manager. I would do Angel Card Readings, Chakra Healings and TriOm BioTouch Therapy sessions as and when I had the time. But from the very beginning I was very clear that I would walk down this path only if it fulfilled all my financial needs.

Yes, I went through the initial phase of helping friends through my gifts for free. Then as I started connecting with strangers I began charging a nominal fee. Till finally when I decided to embrace my calling and give up everything else to focus only on my Alternative Healing practice and to earn by helping people. (For more about my journey read – A Reluctant Superhero)

Over the last few years, I have heard and been part of many discussions about the fee charged for Alternative Healing sessions or what we call Energy Exchange. These are my reasons for charging money and where I draw the line:

Time is precious1. I believe my time is very precious. At the risk of sounding pompous, I say those words with absolute humility. I don’t charge by the hour and neither do I look at the clock when I am with a client. Besides I am also available to many post the session even if that’s the only they came for. But to assume that I will give my time for free is wishful thinking. If I were to spend that time being employed or running my other ventures, I would be earning from it. Also, I could spend that time on myself and people I know and love. I choose to give my time to people who need guidance and help because that’s my life purpose. But to assume that it’s available freely sans any exchange or effort is to say that you don’t respect my time. So if you wish to have a piece of my time, it’s only fair that you pay for it.

Recognize the value2. If you don’t pay for it, you won’t value it. This is a lesson I learnt in the only Reiki class I went for 15 years ago. And thank God it stuck with me. We live in a material world and as of now money makes this world go round. If I give my guidance for free, I’ve realised that many clients return a few weeks later without having made any effort. So I charge a fee to ensure you take the guidance sincerely and think twice before spending money on another session. This also weeds out anyone who is not serious about making the required changes and progressing through the issues on hand.

Law Of Attraction3. I believe in the law of attraction. If I don’t value what I do, nobody else will. By respecting my gifts I attract those who respect the guidance and help they receive too. I make the effort and hence, they do what they need to as well.

4. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. A golden rule taught to us in school. For anyone who doesn’t understand, it means ‘treat others as you would like then to treat you’. I’m not a fan of freebies. It makes me uncomfortable to take something without giving something in return. If I go to a practitioner for a session – yes, I need healing too – I always pay for it. No, not in exchange for a session with me. But I pay the fee they demand. And hence, I hope the same courtesy is extended to me.

Madonna Material World 5.  Cos we are living in a material world… yes, I am singing Madonna’s track… guilty as charged! But it’s the truth. We don’t live in a  world that  works on barter system anymore. So why should my work be subject to different rules. Many clients (and as will be echoed by many practitioners) come to me with financial issues. Either they are in a mess or they are just dissatisfied with their financial situation. If it’s ok for a client to desire money, why is it wrong for me? Let’s be clear here – I’m an Alternative Healing Practitioner who is working through the daily grind just like you; I haven’t renounced the world and climbed any mountains nor do I intend to. And financial freedom is very much a dream of mine as it may be yours too.

Coming to the argument of how much to charge or what amount is ‘too much’. Each practitioner has their own way of calculating the energy exchange they charge. The simple rule I follow is that it should be affordable and I should be satisfied. Also, if a client cannot afford a session due to genuine reasons I wave the fee without a second thought. Helping someone in need is more important. And most Alternative Healing Practitioners would do this. As long as one does their work with integrity, an exchange cannot be questioned.

We all wish to be rich, yet we often see this desire with a negative mindset. We were born to experience life and this world. Given that we need money to do that, there should be no guilt attached to earning money by following or heart or from what we are passionate about as long as it’s done ethically. What we should be wary of, is allowing money to control the way we think, feel and behave.

But let me give you another perspective. I conduct workshops that I know change people’s lives. This is not just a tall claim, it is what I have experienced having worked with each client over months to ensure they move towards a more positive and happier space. My desire and goal is to reach out to more people across cities and countries. To do this, I need money and I choose to earn it from the work that I do.

I offer a service, you pay a fee. It’s how the world turns. Let’s not try to bind the world of Alternate Healing with different rules. And if you do, please make sure you have a barter system in place with your doctor and dentist first.

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