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A dose of loveBio-Touch is a complete system of healing using very light touch, sometimes called Butterfly Touch, in specific point patterns on areas of the body. It is a system of therapy with the capacity to stimulate the body towards healing itself and restoring its harmony. Discovered and first practiced by Norman Cochran, a miner in 1973, today there is an established foundation that allows people to learn Bio-Touch for their own benefit and to help others.

To know how this therapy works, read more about it in FAQs – Bio-Touch Therapy. Here I share a experiences of a few people I have worked with and helped using this magical butterfly touch.

  • Male, 60 years old, suffering from Liver Cirrhosis – He used to complain of terrible pain in his legs from the knees and below. Given the degree of his illness, pain killers were not an option. A little research told me that the liver in such a condition pushes toxins or bad blood to the legs. So we tried Bio-Touch Therapy for six weeks. For the first two weeks I treated him every day and then we moved to every alternate day, finally cutting it down to twice a week. After the first two weeks his knees were pain free. Between the third and fourth week the pain moved down to his ankles and feet. In the last two weeks we eliminated it from there too. It’s been four months now, the pain hasn’t returned.
  • Female, 35 years old, suffering from Multiple Sclerosis since the age of 20 years – Steroids, pain killers, anti depressants were a way of life. She would get an attack, be put on a course of medication for a few months and then somewhere stop taking them till the next attack. She also tried various other Alternative Healing methods. But almost always had a severe attack immediately after her session and would then drop it completely. The good thing was that unlike most MS patients, after 20 years of living with the disease she has not been relegated to a wheelchair. She is an active and independent mom of twins with no apparent physical handicaps.When we first started Bio-Touch for her, she was on her last leg of anti-depressants post the last attack. She would experience severe back pain, which would disappear by the end of the session. However, after three sessions we realised there wasn’t any major improvement. What did show up was fatigue and the meds weren’t helping either.After she complained of severe fatigue, I decided to trust my instinct and follow the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Look it up on Google and you will now that Chronic Fatigue is virus related illness and not just about being overworked. This procedure has to be done for seven consecutive days at the same time. On days 1 and 2, her energy level was at -0. But 15 minutes later, once we were done with Bio-Touch it would spike up and she would go about her day with no trouble. By days 3, 4 and 5 we started to see an improvement in the level of fatigue. And slowly by days 6 and 7, the fatigue had completely disappeared. It has not returned in the last four months.Post this procedure, we scheduled Bio-Touch sessions every alternate day. Not only did her pain, moodiness, uneasiness, and other symptoms reduce, but her meds were also tapered off faster. Her Bio-Touch treatment is still continuing. Our aim is to prevent another MS attack, get her off any kind of meds permanently and to eliminate the illness from her system completely.
  • Female, 64 years old, diagnosed with Stage IV Cancer – Initially diagnosed with Stomach Cancer that had spread to the breasts, we started Bio-Touch Therapy the day the diagnosis came through. One of her main problems was the inability to swallow food. After a meal I would spend 10 minutes doing Bio-Touch and the uneasiness and nausea would slowly fade. During the first week, every session resulted in elimination of pain and uneasiness from her entire body.By the time she went for the first Chemo session, we had already done a week of the therapy. Through the remaining 21 days of the first chemo session, we did Bio-Touch everyday. The response was always easing of pain and discomfort. She did not experience any nausea. She also had fever just once. Yes, she did required meds for severe body ache about 6-7 times through the 3-session chemo cycle.Between the 2nd and 3rd chemo sessions her weight loss had been arrested and she was now at a stable 60 kgs. She started to eat better too as the trouble in swallowing started to reduce. Her body responded very well to the chemo sessions and she faced severe side effects only towards the end of the third one. We did Bio-Touch every alternate day, then once or twice a week till we eventually did it only as and when required to tackle specific problems.Post the chemo cycle doctors were extremely happy with the way her body had allowed the meds to fight the cancer and push it back. In fact they were quite thrilled that she was one amongst 30% of those patients who show such positive results post just one cycle of chemo therapy. Today, post surgery she is cancer free and now requires a couple of sessions of preventive chemo therapy. We will be continuing the Bio-Touch sessions to help post surgery recovery and to allow her body to protect itself as well as recover from further chemo effects.

Apart from these three cases, I am using Bio-Touch to help tackle various back problems, obesity and anxiety issues. If you or your loved one is ailing and would like to give this therapy a shot, please get in touch. Bio-Touch can be used in conjunction with regular medicine and treatments. For my contact details please check my profile (or on the left sidebar).

For more information on Bio-touch and to learn more about the International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics please log on to

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