3 Lessons Of Bio-Touch

For the last three years one of my core practices has been TriOm Touch Therapy, an adjunct of Bio-Touch. A few months ago I contacted the International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics to complete my certification from them. As I near the end of the course with three classes left to go, here are three lessons that make me fall more in love with this beautiful and gentle healing system.


Everyone has a right to heal. Any healing technique must be accessible by all for it to live up to it’s true potential. Bio-Touch doesn’t require any previous experience or ‘gift of healing’ for one to be able to practice it. All it needs is a desire to help, an intention to love without conditions or expectations.

Secondly, as a recipient all that’s needed is an open mind and heart. “Do I need to believe in it for it to work?” – a question I often get. The answer is no. What you need is a desire to let the pain go and patience to allow your body to heal at it’s own pace.




Our body can heal itself. Yes, this is something we are often told. A common example of this is when we get fever or cold. Many a times ample rest, right food and enough water can cure a fever or cold. The problem is we don’t treat our body well in the first place; hearing it’s call only when the pain has become unbearable. And then we don’t give it time to heal even with medicines. Bio-Touch stimulates the body’s inherent healing system allowing it to start the healing process, helping it absorb medicines better and aiding recovery.




BT-image3Which brings me to the the third lesson. All healing techniques can and must complement each other including medical science. Bio-Touch through it’s principle of ‘non-judgement’ eliminates any strife one creates between Medical Science and Alternative Healing. This is a Complementary Healing Technique. Bio-Touch works beautifully with any medical treatment one is on aiding the recovery process. It’s also a great technique to combine with other Alternative Healing modalities such as Acupuncture or Chakra Healing as it helps ease any physical side effects the recipient may experience.




Nobody needs to resign to living in pain. Healing requires time, but with patience and persistence pain can be eased. As the body’s inherent healing system is stimulated and strengthened, one may experience recovery even after the Bio-Touch sessions or any other healing including medical treatment have stopped. Given time and the right treatment (physical, emotional and mental), our bodies prove that they are stronger and more resilient than we believe.

We live in a world of options. We also live in a world where competition is a human creation. Just for a while, drop all judgement and approach the pain or ailment in a holistic manner. A few sessions into a proper healing plan or program will make you realise your body’s potential.

Image courtesy: Liane Metzler, Kristina Litvjak, Coley Christine and Jonas Vincent (via unsplash.com)

For more information on Bio-touch and to learn more about the International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics please log on to www.justtouch.com

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