3 Lessons I Learnt From PositiveAction Coaching Program

Visualise the life you want to live and work towards it.

This is what Chetna told me on the first day of my PositiveAction Coaching program with her. I was coming from a space where I had put my dreams and ambitions on a backburner for the longest time. I had dreams, but had no idea how to turn them into goals and work towards them. I wanted to establish myself as a published food and travel writer, wanted a life full of travel and learning new and interesting things, and to get over multiple failed relationships that had me battling the fear of rejection. I had a lot that I wanted to do but no motivation.

In the past 6 years that I have known Chetna, she has donned various hats in my life – boss, friend, client and finally coach. During the PositiveAction Coaching program Chetna and I worked on my goals and took baby steps to move towards them. There were failures and at times I felt I was breaking down, but I realized that I was just breaking through. And through this journey there were a lot of things that I learnt about myself and in general.

It’s ok to slow down.

When you uproot yourself after staying fixed at a spot for the longest time, you’re​ scared of settling. The fear of stagnation consumes you and you just don’t want to stop. That’s something I realised during my 11th session. I was just back from a trip and had no upcoming trips planned. The thought was unsettling till Chetna made me realise that it’s ok to slow down. It’s ok to sit and reflect on my experiences and learnings from the last trip before I go ahead and plan the next one. And that thought put me at ease. Now, after writing and sharing my travel experiences on the blog I feel I am ready to plan the next adventure.


For the longest time I bore the burden of guilt every time I thought of doing something for myself. Chetna helped me break this pattern long before I started the PositiveAction Coaching with her. Whether it was dealing with a bad marriage or a job that I didn’t love anymore, she made me realize that it was ok to take decisions keeping myself in focus. I looked at my life from a third person’s perspective and told myself, “This is not the life I dreamed of. I didn’t sign-up for this shit.” And that was my first step towards self-love. During the program I learnt to love myself more and allowed myself to want more, ask for more from life – whether it was money, love or happiness.

Clarity about my career

During my time as a food writer for Burrp, I had this limiting belief that my writing won’t get credibility till I have a stamp of being a print writer in my CV. After quitting my job I tried hard to be published in newspapers or magazines. Nothing worked out and it seemed like a dream I was constantly chasing and one that kept eluding me. I was still writing for a couple of websites but my print dream still looked far away. During one of the sessions while discussing this hurdle with Chetna I realized that I never was a print person. I come from a digital background and I know that space well. So why not focus on the knowledge I have and what I know; use that to build my career. We changed my goal of being a “Print Writer” that day. Being financially independent and getting more work as a content strategist became the new, evolved goal. Since then I have been published on Roads and Kingdoms – an award winning international website co-founded by food and travel author Matt Goulding. I have also been featured on Buzzfeed, Mashable, Huffington Post and GQ Italia.

In the past four months, I have worked on fighting my demons, constraints and limiting beliefs. I stopped questioning myself for the failures and worked towards breaking the patterns. The demons still follow me but I choose to ignore them now because what’s behind me doesn’t affect me, I choose to look ahead.

Shirin Mehrotra is a freelance Content Strategist and food-travel writer based out of Mumbai. She loves food history and travels to explore the local cuisines and culture of a place.


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