Client Diaries #1

This past year I’ve been blessed with some challenging yet fulfilling journeys. To watch each of my clients evolve and live their potential is a feeling I cannot put into words. Quite often during the Chakra Healing or PositiveAction Coaching sessions, my clients have this ‘light bulb’ moment. Truths and insights that come through during their moment of awareness helps me evolve too. I have been sharing snippets of such instances on my Instagram. And I’m sharing those again in this series. A bunch of “aha!” moments, instances when my clients broke through their biggest obstacle and in doing so left me with some powerful life lessons.

“Not only did I recognize my pattern creeping up on me, I also successfully worked around it. I am aware.”

Most of us aren’t aware of our toxic emotional patterns. Often it takes another person to point it out and even then many of us put our defences up instead of staying vulnerable and open to change. During one of my sessions not only did my client allow me to guide her towards awareness, but also made sure she was mindful about it through the week. She consciously chose to do things differently, to feel differently, to react differently. Was it easy? Not really. Any change will cause the body and mind some stress. But she believed she could handle it.

When she narrated this incident to me during our session, yes I felt like a proud mama; but she also reminded me the importance of being aware of our own selves and making conscious choices.

Always remember, you have a choice… You can choose differently.

“What I allow is what continues. I choose to take back my power.”

During a session one of my clients realised a habit she needed to change – always trying to please people especially her parents. The choices she made because she “did not want to hurt them” or the silence she maintained towards things that hurt her because they are her parents. To be constantly told that she’s a loser only made her seek their approval even more.

Parents want to raise their children to be strong and free. They want to make them believe that they can achieve anything. And that they have all the right to make their own decisions. But sometimes how they choose to aid their child causes the most harm. And one day the child makes a choice that doesn’t fit their scheme of things and suddenly the child falls from grace.

Through this session I was reminded of all the good and not so good my parents have done for me. I’m grateful for the blessings and lessons I’ve had the wisdom to learn by taking back my power. And I share this story to remind parents with young children, be aware for every word and action leaves an impact.

Keep your ego in check; understand your fears before you act upon them.

“I’ve discovered my value system. I’m consciously choosing to use it, to stay true to it.”

“What do you mean by values?” This was the question my client asked when we spoke of building her life upon a strong foundation. Slowly through many questions she discovered few that she had lived with and few that she would like to imbibe. And thus came about the making of her revamped yet truer version of her value system. . . “I used it every day. I wrote it in my book and read it every day to remind me of how best to handle situations, to be true to who I am and want to be.” The joy in her voice when she narrated her triumphs; the excitement to have accomplished the things she did; and the awareness of how she had evolved.

To evolve, you must understand yourself. Discover your value system and build the most authentic version of yourself upon that foundation.

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