Womb healing through Tibetan singing bowls with Evelet Sequeira

Womb consciousness is not a known science but this space, which is the core of creation in a woman’s body, holds mystical powers. “Women tend to hold their pain in this womb space and that’s where a lot of issues stem from,” says Dr Evelet Sequeira, MD in preventive and social medicine, and womb healer who uses Tibetan singing bowls for healing. We speak to her about the healing technique and her journey as a healer.

What is Womb Healing and Sound Bowl Therapy and how did you get into this?

My journey into sound began in 2013 when I trained myself as a sound healer using a Tibetan technique with Master Satya Brat from Calcutta who runs an institute called International Academy of Sound Healing. I did level one which is basic sound healing for any ailment like knee joint or back pain. The second level was about chakra balancing where we had seven different bowls for the seven chakras.

When I started practising as a therapist, I realized that most of my clients were women. They would come with issues pertaining to dysfunctional uterus, irregular bleeding. Some of them were not able to get pregnant despite going through multiple IVR. These were the clients who were coming in for regular chakra healing, specifically for sacral and root chakra and most of the work was happening in lower chakras – root, sacral and solar plexus. Around the same time I was also learning sacred feminine from another teacher. This has to do with the feminine energy in the body and how to harness it. In those days I learnt about womb healing and connecting to the womb which is a bigger space than the uterus, ovary, vagina or cervix. It’s beyond that. It’s like a universe in your body. I started reading more about it and then went ahead and did the third level of sound bowl healing where we were taught to heal the womb with a specific bowl. This bowl is bigger in size and has a different frequency, above 600 hertz. It’s got a protrusion in the centre and is called Lingam bowl. Sound bowl healing is an ancient Tibetan technique which works on a simple equation – frequency + intention = healing.

My first client was a friend who lives in Boston. She wanted to get womb healing done to get pregnant. We did Skype session for her. Two months later she was pregnant. That’s when I started posting about the healing sessions on Facebook and started getting more clients.

What happens during the session?

We start with setting an intention for the client. Some clients like to get to the deeper knowledge of the issue while some just want to heal the medical issue. Intentions are set accordingly. I then take them to a deeper relaxation state using simple bowls around their upper chakras. I ask them to breathe and take them to deeper meditative state taking them from head to toe and do some grounding meditation. Then I simply play the Lingam bowl. For every client there’s a channelled messaging that happens. So for some clients I don’t speak anything, it’s just the sound and everything that happens, happens to them. They are very visual, they can see stuff, feel it in their body. For some I kind of lead them into the womb space so that they can visualize and see what’s happening inside. It’s an individual experience.

Share one such experience.

A client once came with a history of PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). Her bleeding was irregular and she was taking medication. However, she still felt there was something not right on a deeper level. When I took her inside her womb, she saw the presence of her father who passed away a few years ago. After the session during the conversation it came out that she hadn’t truly grieved for her father. Being the eldest child she had to immediately take on the responsibility of the funeral and family which left her with no time to grieve. She was holding on to her father’s memories in her womb. We said a letting go prayer for her father’s soul. The next month her bleeding was good which is a physical sign of the body showing you that it has cleansed. After the session, all my clients have heavier bleeding in the next monthly cycle. Body wisdom is beautiful. It gives you proof that something has shifted inside.

Another client of mine with same problem (PCOS) had a different issue, she was holding anger towards her mother in her womb.

How many sessions do you recommend for complete healing?

When I was learning about the therapy I was told minimum two sessions are required for healing. But I have realized in my practice that this work is very intuitive and it comes with a deeper spiritual space. It’s more like a partnership and collaboration between us, with me as a sound healing channel to bring about the healing in my clients. I let them experience the first session and let them go back and work with their womb, connect to it. And then if they do feel the need for another session, they come back. Clients have come back within a month or even after a year for second womb healing. And some are good after one session. It’s all about empowering the clients to connect to their body and understand what’s good for them.

Is there a meditation or a process they have to continue or follow after the healing session?

The first thing I ask them to do is drink a lot of water. It helps cleanse the body off toxins that are released because of the vibrations. Since womb is a powerful centre in the body, I tell them to do womb breathing. It’s regular breathing with imagination that the breath is being taken from the vagina into the body, airing the womb and then released back from uterus into the vagina and out. I ask them to connect with their womb every day, visualise and imagine that they are in the womb space sitting on a throne or a lotus seat. When grounded and seated on that throne, the client owns her queen self. From that space she will only behave like a queen and move from the space of being a victim to the space where she says that I am the queen and I will create the life form I want. You don’t only create babies from the womb space. You can create a process, the life that you want for yourself. People go back taking something much bigger and bringing their creative potential to the world.

Do you recommend your clients to continue with the medication even after the healing sessions?

Yes. Being a medical doctor myself I always find a balance between physical self and spiritual self. The body is physical; the issue can be emotional or mental. The body has still bore the shock of it and it takes some time for hormones to come back to balance. So you need to take medication for that. Take medication with lesser side effects like Ayurveda medicine – ashwagandha is good for reproductive organs. Even essential oils like lemongrass and sandalwood can be lit in the house, the fragrance calms the womb.


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