Client Diaries #2

Every day, every session of PositiveAction Coaching and Chakra Healing a thought pops up in my clients’ head changing the course of the way they think, breaking the pattern. Figuring it out, not running away and learning the lesson – things I learn from my clients. Always tuning into higher knowing, deeper understanding; aligning myself to the wisdom of life.

“I’m not going to run. I’m going to figure it out.”

#figureitout – That was the message loud and clear. On that particular day every session was about standing still, allowing our fears to calm down and eventually figuring things out. Every session was about acceptance, about saying yes.

Another realisation that came through (and may seem like an obvious one) was that real, strong relationships don’t have an exit clause attached to them. Not because it’s not possible to exit, but because the two people involved don’t need it. They made up their mind… They are there to stay.

So here’s to figuring things out. Thankful for the wonderful #lifelessons my clients bring me session after session.

“It’s time to take that leap of faith. Shall we?”

“We are in this together” – just something I always tell my clients especially when fear paralyses them. A couple of months ago I saw two of my clients work through fear spaces, wrapping their head around what they need to do next. So, here’s a message from the universe for anyone who needs a little inspiration –

“You are not alone. The Universe walks with you, matching step for step.”

“Closure lies in learning the lesson.”

Move on. Those two words we all hate hearing. It means admitting failure, accepting loss, facing rejection. And sometimes the ego puts up such a defence that we remain stuck as the clock ticks away. We desperately seek an answer to “Why?” or many times latch on to a stubborn demand for that soul-wrenching apology. All this for closure… that’s all we need to heal, right?

Exhale the anger, the frustration, the resentment and you may see the answer to your question, “Why?” Inhale and shift your perspective just a little. Be brutally honest with yourself, be unconditionally kind to yourself and hindsight will give you that much needed closure.

Well most of the times that quest for closure lies in learning the lessons the situation or person was delivering.

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