Inner Child Healing with Anahata Meher

Is it possible that the unhealthy emotional patterns of our adult life have their seeds sown in our childhood? The core of our relationship with ourselves is formed during early childhood. We build our defences based on the emotional wounds we suffered during that period. We speak to Anahata Meher about Shamanism and Inner Child Healing.

Tell us about your journey into Shamanism and Inner Child Healing.
My journey began with hearing about chakras and chakra healing and getting drawn to researching and studying the concept. A friend handed me a crystal, during a difficult time, so I already knew a bit about crystal healing. I started reading books on it and realised I already knew a lot about crystals. I then entered into the world of chakra healing, tarot cards, oracle cards, angel cards and also studied about numerology.

It was around the same time that I heard about Meher Baba – an Avatar of this age. I saw his picture on a friend’s WhatsApp DP and felt this strong magnetic pull towards him. It was pre-ordained. In less than a month I was at his Samadhi (shrine) in Meherabad. He started communicating with me and I was able to listen, to have faith and thus began the channelling towards my true life path. That’s how inner child healing and Shamanism came along.

Who is a Shaman and what do they do?
A Shaman is a person who has the ability to travel into the non-ordinary reality, on a vision quest, to facilitate guidance, empowerment and deep healing. Shamanism recognises and honours three worlds – Lower World – where we connect with mother Earth and our animal spirit guides, Middle World – which is our reality and Upper World which is the home of our celestial and spirit guides; a Shaman travels through these three levels to heal. Healing is done through energies present in nature like plants, humans, crystals and stones.

What is the Inner Child and what’s the process to healing?
The Inner Child is a part of our consciousness, our innocence, which disconnects from us and hides (possibly to avoid the trauma and pain it might be experiencing). Our psyche then puts in a defence mechanism, in order to protect that fragile part of us. When we are separated from these core integral parts of our true essence, we end up creating and living unhealthy emotional patterns. This separation or disconnection may happen because of an incident during childhood or even at a later point when your innocence gets hurt. Through Shamanism we travel to the lower world where we find the core part of ourselves which we have been living without. When we acknowledge and truly grieve the wounds or hurt we have suffered we can break the emotional patterns.

In Shamanism the Inner Child is healed and integrated by journeying into the lower world, into our deep subconscious memory and working with our animal spirit guides. Every person has at least one power animal that guides and protects them and also imparts certain wisdom. The Shaman takes you on a journey, by beating the drum in sync with the eagle’s heartbeat, which is 4 to 7 beats per second. The monotonous rhythm helps us to move within the realm of spirit and receive appropriate guidance. Through this drumming we release what no longer serves our purpose and manifest balance.

How does Chakra Healing come into play in the journey to meet one’s inner child?
Chakras are the most important part of our existence. The entire universe is based on the chakra system. When we work on our chakras we receive information from them. The chakras are the soul; we’re working on the soul when we’re working on the chakras. So all the emotions come up in the process of connecting with our chakras, healing them and balancing them. Also, our personality traits are embedded within each chakra and regular cleansing and balancing of our chakras gives us deep insight into ourselves. So any healing of the soul that we do is chakra healing because we’re going in the deepest part of our soul and connecting to our truest emotions.

What can one expect during Inner Child Healing and what happens after the healing is complete?
During the Inner Child healing one connects to parts of themselves that they might be aware of or have seen glimpses of through their life. These are possibly the true essential aspects of ourselves that get disconnected or ignored because of the choices we make in life. Through the healing process we identify the patterns that create obstacles in our path and we’re able to let go of what we’re holding on to. There’s a transformation after which we start operating from our true selves.

Share a few experiences that your clients went through during Inner Child Healing.
One gentleman came to me for asthma problem and just to generally receive guidance. When we went deeper into the healing we were able to identify one inner child and integrate them. It was a deep pain arising from a childhood phenomenon. We ended the session with integrating that child and letting go of the incident. After that we haven’t had single other session and the asthma is 75 per cent better since that day. Also the client felt so relieved and liberated since someone else could also identify and acknowledge that little innocent child within him.

I am working with another gentleman who has had a series of a traumatic incidents in past 10 years – imbalanced work, broken marriage and lots of stress and pressure; also, constant bickering with family members. The work turned his life around. During the work he had feeling of comfort. He was able to identify and acknowledge his own shadow aspects and take responsibility for his story. After we completed the work he immediately transformed, stopped getting irritated for small things and started feeling more confident in life. I have never seen such a quick turnaround before. This man is completely new now; patient, calm and most importantly has faith in himself and his journey as well as the divine process of life.

How many sessions does one need to heal completely?
At a time there’re about 10-11 sessions because there are usually multiple fragmented parts or multiple inner children who are connected to each other and have been created at different times. So it’s essential to do at least 10-11 sessions at one time.

How often should one do the inner child healing? Is it one-time thing or a life-long practice?
It depends on each individual. When we integrate what we learn from the workshops, healings and readings in our daily life, our true path opens up and as and when we identify these inner patterns we require this healing to transform them. One might do this healing once a year and from there on depends on when’s the next time one might need this work again.

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