Client Diaries #3

Things I learn from my clients… Always tuning into higher knowing, deeper understanding…aligning myself to the wisdom of life. #gratitude

“Closure lies in learning the lesson.”

Move on. Those two words we all hate hearing. It means admitting failure, accepting loss, facing rejection. And sometimes the ego puts up such a defence that we remain stuck as the clock ticks away. We desperately seek an answer to “Why?” or many times latch on to a stubborn demand for that soul-wrenching apology. All this for closure… that’s all we need to heal, right?

Well most of the times that quest for closure lies in learning the lessons the situation or person was delivering. Exhale the anger, the frustration, the resentment. And you may see the answer to your question, “Why?”

Inhale and shift your perspective just a little. Be brutally honest with yourself, be unconditionally kind to yourself and hindsight will give you that much needed closure.

“Two failed relationships and I decided I don’t need anyone. Lies…all lies. We are meant to live all kinds of relationships – family, friends, lover. And that’s how I choose to live now.”

“I don’t want anyone. I’m done with people and relationships,” my client said. Many months later, she smiles as she gets ready to meet her friends for dinner. That heart that had been completely destroyed is slowly being pieced back together.

And while she is healing, she is my reminder to maintain the balance in my relationships. Each relationship serves its purpose. Each aspect of my life be it work, love, family or my dreams, has a place to hold. But I and only I must be the centre of my life. That’s the space my soul, my being must hold. And from there I choose to live my potential, to experience this journey in its entirety.

Light fills every crack, love heals every scar.

I am such a ch***ya
Sorry for the foul word today. But I’m just quoting my client who had that “I’m just some special kinda stupid” epiphany. But here’s the magic of such an “Aha!” moment – now you can think and feel differently about those moments in life that you found exasperating.

Sometimes you just got to be brutally honest with yourself.

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