Client Diaries #4

A big thank you to all the new clients who have given me the opportunity to walk with them.

“Feels like a new life with endless possibilities.”

The first session – sometimes it’s a reading, sometimes a consult and some brave ones start off with session 1 of the Chakra Healing or PositiveAction Coaching Programs. But whichever it may be it’s always one with high doses of clarity followed by a sense of relief, excitement and/or joy.

Here’s looking forward to a journey of endless possibilities.

“Writing intentions has been the best find. It really helps to repeat it to myself at regular intervals too.”

What’s your intention for today? Remember an intention consists of an “action” word. Eg: “I’m owning that presentation today. It’s already happening”.

Step 1: What do you want most today?
Step 2: Write an intention moving you towards or in alignment with that desire.
Step 3: Take 3 deep breaths and repeat it 3 times… Take three breaths again.

Repeat step 3 as required.

“Okay then”

A few months ago one of my favourite clients and dear friend started the Chakra Healing program for the second time. We’ve done the program once last year and we’ve done the PositiveAction Coaching Program too. And what a journey it has been!

Today she managed to stay conscious through the healing for the first time and when I brought her out her only reaction was a very intense, “Okay then”.

An experience that’s steeped in awareness leads to magical moments of acceptance. It’s some kinda magic!

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