Past Life Regression therapy with Dr Trupti Jayin

Past Life Regression… hmm I must admit I have been a bit of a skeptic when it comes to delving into past lives. Not because I don’t think we’ve lived many lives, but because who has time for past lives; I’m still figuring stuff out from this lifetime! And then I met Trupti at the India Today Woman’s Awards earlier this year. We were part of a panel on Alternative Healing. What struck me was the fact that she was a Clinical Psychologist who used Past Life Regression as one of her tools to help people. Anything that or anyone who bridges the gap between medical practices and alternative healing usually has my undivided attention. It’s a dream to see the two fields work together to provide people with Holistic Healing Strategy.

We speak to Dr Trupti Jayin, a clinical psychologist, occupational therapist and founder of SETU (an organization where inner healing is facilitated) to decode Past Life Regression therapy and how it helps in psychological as well as physiological healing.

Tell us something about your journey into Past Life Regression therapy.
I was working as a clinical psychologist at a psychiatric hospital and was seeing patients with psychiatric problems. I was trained in various therapeutic philosophies like Gestalt, Cognitive Behavioural therapies, Narrative and NLP. I trained in clinical hypnosis years ago and would use it with some patients who were willing. For me Past Life Regression therapy was another tool to help those who were open to it. After my father passed away, it became the only therapeutic tool I used as I saw it transforming lives and relationships. It is not my career now… it’s the reason I AM.

My father’s demise and the subsequent cosmic experience transformed my life. The philosophy I had grown up with and the spiritual seeking that I learnt came together and I knew it was time to take the clinical psychological and therapeutic work to another level. My father guided me in this endeavour to the right masters and showed me that the soul never dies, it only transforms. For me Past Life Regression therapy is no longer a therapy, it’s a way to awakening the spirit within.

What is Past Life Regression and what’s the process to healing?
Past Life Regression is a therapeutic tool which comes under the gamut of transpersonal psychology, which believes that in order to heal people the therapist must access the subconscious functioning of the mind. It helps bypass the critical mind and dive into the deep hollow which uses the spirit or soul to bring deep seated memories on the surface.

A successful Past Life Regression session would include an in depth case history, core issue identification and appropriate induction process. Once the therapist understands the defence mechanisms and neuro-linguistics employed by the client, the framing of the post-hypnotic suggestions can be framed.

A person who is analytical would need a confusion script; a visual person would need a shorter script while a kinaesthetic person would have a script which includes feeling words. This is the first step which the therapist needs to learn.
The induction includes three steps –
1) Identification with the past life body.
2) Stepping into the lifetime.
3) Experiencing the lifetime with its emotional charge which leads to catharsis.

The session ends with closure and transformative hypnotic suggestions.

What’s the role of Chakra Healing in Past Life Regression therapy and how does one connect with their past life in order to heal?
Chakras are vortices through which the spirit connects to the physical form. There is an entry and exit point and when a memory is painful and filled with anger, the chakras get blocked i.e. the flow of physics is restricted. This affects the emotional and mental flow of feelings and thoughts which in turn affects the person’s ability to think and feel. Chakras also reflect the physiological health of the glands and so through healing modalities this can be revived.

Past Life Regression therapy uses the Chakra system in an innovative manner to heal. The case history helps to identify the Chakra block, the pendulum with developmental charts is then used to identify the origin of the block. The suggestions and post hypnotic affirmations release the blocks for transformations and post the experience of the past life the pendulum is used to complete the healing.

What can one expect during Past Life Regression therapy and what happens after the healing is complete?
The client comes with a problem, issue or block which is restricting them to live a productive life. There are triggers in one’s life which must be deciphered before attempting a session.

As explained earlier, once the closure and transformational post hypnotic affirmations are given, the first change the client feels is a shift of frequency. There is lightness in the physical body. The mind is a virtual entity and so change will happen as all its molecules and atoms begin to realign. This will take time and generally I notice that people call in a month or two to tell me about these changes. Few wait that long because they wish to be sure that the change is long lasting.

Healing is witnessed physiologically, mentally and emotionally in their behaviour, thinking and feeling. As the transactional model says, the child’s manipulations end and the adult decision making begins.

Share a few experiences that your clients went through during Past Life Regression therapy.
Neena (name changed) had been trying to get a visa to work in the USA. It was her life’s dream to settle in the Big Apple since she was twenty. She tried hard but nothing worked. She’d say that the image of New York was stuck in her head and she couldn’t get it out. She felt that she had to be there. A place can trigger a past life memory and this is when a visual bridge technique can be used to allow the memory to come out.

Neena experienced herself as a young blonde woman sitting in the train in New York City. The woman was pretty, had worn a coat, scarf and grey gloves. The train was entering a tunnel and suddenly everything went dark. When everything goes dark it indicates trauma like an accident, sudden death or blast. (There is information that many accidents have taken place in the year 1978-79) the year mentioned by Neena in her vision. The next scene moved her spirit away from the body and she felt she was watching the scene from the top. It seemed she was flying over New York City. The spirit was looking from the window of a house and seeing an empty home where she might have lived. She saw parents and a sister mourning her loss. As a spirit form she went to a graveyard where she saw a tombstone on which the name Alisa was written. She also visited a church where her body (blonde girl’s body) was kept.

As time went by Neena felt that she was hovering around the house, lanes and flying over the city. It seemed that she didn’t want to go away and leave the place. Her soul seemed attached to the city and this could be the reason that in her current lifetime, she had been dreaming of being in New York and felt a connection to that place.

As the session progressed, she felt herself higher up and slowly her trance broke.

I instructed her to keep her photo at Times Square on her office desk and affirm that “even though there is a delay in migrating to NY, the visa is on its way.”

Neena sent me an SMS the next day, “I am confident that I will reach my destiny very soon. In fact next week I am attending a 3 day workshop in the field of my interest and that too for free. This was totally unexpected. This workshop is very helpful in my career.” I responded by saying, “the unexpected is already happening.”

The above session was done on 8/6/2017 and I have been informed last week that her dreams gave got wings. She is leaving for the west by the end of this year. The magic of one’s soul never ceases to surprise!

How many sessions does one need to heal completely?
I believe that the hand of the Lord is at work when deep insights are given by ones soul. This is the reason I tell people, “A single session is all you need, wait after that for a few months to see the change.”

The person will begin to make involuntary changes and this will help them consciously respond differently to others and their life will change.

Psychiatric problems may need three to five session spread over a year. I don’t do back to back sessions.

How often should one do the Past Life Regression therapy? Is it one-time thing or a life-long practice?
It’s a one-time therapy for some, some do come in at different junctions of their life to deal with different issues. I haven’t seen people returning for the same issue.

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