Client Diaries #6

Most of my sessions have that one moment where my clients and I learn something about each other as well as ourselves. Sometimes it’s a small victory that helps us move forward. Sharing few of my #clientdiaries in this post.

“Healing yourself involves a combination of cleansing the subconscious and rewiring the conscious mind. I need to be compassionate to myself and make conscious effort consistently.”

I’ve been working with a few clients battling #anxiety and a few fighting #addiction. The Chakra Healing program is working wonders in just 3-4 sessions by cleansing the subconscious, increasing awareness and acceptance, bringing patterns to the fore so that we can break through them. But not all clients are recovering at the same pace. So I asked myself what was different with the clients breaking free from anxiety or addiction faster?

The answer came through in one of my sessions… Conscious and consistent efforts. While Chakra Healing helps clear the subconscious, the ones moving ahead are clearly using the tools to change their habits, their thinking and feeling patterns.

Feeling grateful for this insight… It now helps me guide the others better. Also something for you to think about in case you’ve been trying to heal a part of you.

“I have to stop playing small. I choose to stand in my light so that I can discover who I want to be…who I can be.”

Sometimes we are afraid to recognise what we have achieved for what it’s truly worth. In one of the sessions I was reminded to look back at my journey and acknowledge how far I’ve come. I know I have a long way to go. But every step I take, I own it.

“Don’t need that shit.”

I was checking on a client who had completed the Chakra Healing program a few weeks ago and battled a drug problem and other emotional addictions. So when I asked her if she was succeeding at steering clear of drugs and other demons, she said, “Yes! Don’t need that shit”.

This is one beautiful victory because we broke through the stories she told herself to justify these addictions. I hear more and more people label drugs as “recreational”. And I’ve realised what a dangerous line we’ve crossed. Drugs are bad… There’s nothing recreational about it. Stop fooling yourself.

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