The truth about alternative healing

Talking to Samara Mahindra, the founder of CARER Program, about what alternative treatments are and how one can include these practices into their healing protocol. There is a lot of misconstrued information about alternative forms of healing given to people widely. It’s time to understand the truth behind it.

What we call as alternative healing or alternative medicine is actually the first source of healing, medical science came much later when we went into the space of discovering what all the body can do. Having said that, today medical science is mainstream and what was the original source has become alternative source. It’s just evolutionary; something gave us quicker results and we latched on to it. Medical science is also easier to explain.

In the alternative healing space in India, Reiki is the most popular one; it’s the first thing that comes to your mind when someone mentions alternative healing. But there are many other forms; yoga is one of them. Yes it’s a lifestyle, a form of exercise, a way of living, but it’s also a way of healing. There are meditative healing like Chakra Healing and Pranic Healing. There’s Bio-Touch which is a touch healing, something that I practice. These alternative healing methods work on your energy and how your body reacts and how to bring your body back into balance.

One reason why people are afraid of alternative healing is that they run to it thinking it’s a magic bullet and that it’ll give you the result medical science is not able to give. Alternative healing is not magic. It’s no more or less that medical science; it’s just that in which one we know more or less about a particular subject. Both help bring the body, mind and soul into balance which is why I prefer calling it complimentary healing or medicine rather than alternative healing. If you use medical treatment and your doctor’s diagnosis and you add certain elements of alternative medicine and healing, you can have a better healing strategy and better recovery.

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