Vision Board Workshop with Chetna

What is a Vision Board?

It’s a physical, tangible representation of how you would want your life to be like or who you would like to be. It can be about one aspect of your life like work, family, relationship, fitness or it can be an amalgamation of all these. On your vision board, put up images of your vision and not just of your immediate goals. Your immediate goals can be pinned on the board as to-do lists, but ideally a vision board is the larger picture. So, stay in the macro space.

Vision Board Workshop

Create your vision board for 2018, visualise your dreams and manifest them into reality. Join me for a workshop where we get creative and express all that we want to become.

9th December I 2-6pm | Rs 2,500
Venue: 2/22, Iona, Juhu Koliwada
Limited spots on Skype for those not in Mumbai.

To register, send an email to or call on 9833814333

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