Is that recurring common cold telling you something about your emotional pattern?

Some time in December (2017) I came down with a throat infection. In a few days, having taken some medicines it got better. The craziness of December ensued and cut to 1st January, I woke up with the throat infection again. This time I did some home remedies, lost my voice for a few days and it started to get better. Cut to end of January, beginning of February, the infection was back. All three times the throat infection came with a horrid cold. All three times the weather in Mumbai had changed. All three times I was extremely tired since work had been hectic and so was the social life.

While I don’t think all illnesses are just psychosomatic, I do believe our mental and emotional state affects how our body feels. An emotional pattern or belief can over the time weaken a part of the body or make it more susceptible to infection and illnesses. I do believe an illness is our body’s way of telling us to change something – physical, emotional or mental. So I looked up the master on this topic, Louise Hay. And sure enough here’s what she says about colds and throat infection.

Colds – Too much going on. Mental confusion, disorder.
Throat Infection – The inability to speak up for oneself. Swallowed anger. Stifled creativity. Refusal to change.

Is it merely a coincidence, am I making myself just believe something or is there weight in the fact that both these insights ring true for my state through December and January? Looking back I remember constantly repeating, “I’m feeling so tired. This year has been so hectic. I’m ready for a break.” in December. I also was going through an emotional conflict and my communication pattern was shifting. There was an important relationship that was moving through a space of growth. Add to this the fact that my work involves me speaking almost non-stop for 6-8 hours. And even when I’m not talking, I’m helping clients through something over chat. So it seems I’m constantly communicating. My throat and throat chakra are obviously stressed. And then there’s the other aspect that I haven’t been left with enough time to fulfill my creative pursuits.

So when this throat infection and cold hit me again, I decided to change my thoughts, words and how my day progressed. I took the weekend off and slept. The following week I made sure I had scheduled a maximum of four sessions per day instead of my usual six, sometimes seven sessions. I took naps when I could. I wanted to workout, but instead of pushing myself I listened to my body – resting when I felt the need and doing only little bit of yoga or light stretching on other days. Three days of drinking a concoction of ginger, pepper, turmeric and honey did wonders to cleanse the infection out of my body. It’s been a week of this and I can feel a sense of semblance within my being. By the end of this week I’ll be back to my normal self I’m sure.

If you’re prone to catching a cold or throat infection or if you find yourself chasing your runny nose with a box of tissues everytime the seasons change, look into your thoughts, feelings and even actions. You might be overdoing something or you maybe failing to nurture yourself. Sometimes when you’re all over the place in your head even though in reality you may be flowing through your day, the body will develop a cold. I’ve realised that a cold or chest congestion is usually my body’s way of telling me to slow down. What is your body trying to tell you?

“Chronic” is your body’s way of reacting to a harmful habit. “Perpetual” maybe your body’s way of signalling towards something specific you are doing quite regularly putting your being in a state of imbalance. “Not again” is your body’s way of saying “you’re doing it again”. So think about how you describe that cold and see if there’s more than just weather to blame for it.

And when that cold strikes, keep these grandmother’s recipes handy to fight it off.

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