#EverydayPeople – The only way out of the darkness is through

In this week’s post in the #everydaypeople series we speak to 32-year-old Varsha Naik, a development book editor and freelance reporter based in Goa.

1. Describe a challenging incident of your life; something that changed you or your life.

When I was 20 years old, my sister killed herself, after a fight with a guy who was not worth the time or the effort. She chose him over all the rest of us who loved her; his rejection meant more than the acceptance of all the rest of us. She had everything going for her, but she was depressed, and we were unable to help her – her demons were her own. For eight years after this I found myself unravelling – guilt, rage, anger, grief made me unable to cope with the trauma, and soon I turned to living life in a manner that was dangerous, irresponsible and filled with a lot of negativity.

2. Looking back what was the mindset that helped you push through this or overcome this challenge?

I stumbled upon angel energy and alternative healing unwillingly after a lot of resistance and that’s what started me on the path to mending my broken spirit. For the most part, I was tired of being angry and in pain and that made me dig deeper. Over time, I adopted the mindset of looking within and trying to find behaviours, patterns and habits that don’t work for me, and learning to let them go. Though there have been several setbacks, I promised myself I will do whatever it takes to change, and that’s what I am still applying to my life, every day.

3. One life tip for others; a way of thinking, a perspective or an action that helps you pull through the ups and downs of life.

You cannot change the world; you can only change yourself, and do whatever it takes to be happy in life. You owe it to yourself to find the positive even in challenging and unpleasant situations and keep moving forward. But the most important thing to remember is to go easy on yourself – it’s not always easy to think positive; don’t give up when things get hard, it’s okay to have setbacks, have faith and it will get better. The only way out of the darkness is through.

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The series #everydaypeople is about understanding that “life happens” to everyone. We all need a little dose of inspiration, a tiny sense of “there are others going through something similar” and, some #protips and #lifehacks to help us through. 

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