Healing through art with Tripti Raikwar

When was the last time you expressed yourself freely; you poured your heart out; or even acknowledged what was in your heart? This last year has been a rocky road with some very intense and disturbing incidents. As a Healer and life coach, I realised I needed to reach out too. I knew there were some emotional issues I needed to deal with and some creative blocks I had to breakthrough.

Art therapy was my choice. To be honest it was more because I thought it would be fun and games and maybe all the drama within me will be dealt with without me even knowing. Let me tell you straight up that’s not the case. Every stroke of water colour has pushed and pulled the energy within me. Putting that brush on paper makes you connect with your emotions in a very different way. It can be intense or it can be liberating. Either way you will feel and process all you need to.

In this post I spoke to my Art Therapist, Tripti Raikwar about Healing Arts and what she does. And yes, I would personally recommend going to Tripti for a session. Happy reading!

Tell us something about yourself, your journey as an art therapist and how you got into this?

I have always been a teacher. My mom always used to say, “You can either be a teacher or not be one, there is nothing in between; nothing like good or bad teacher. It is just how much you love to teach, how much you love children and how much you love to share a part of you selflessly and wholeheartedly.” Growing with such intense thoughts and a hands-on experience of her love for children, their welfare and loads of care and concern had an impact on my soul since childhood. We had role-play games where I would act like a teacher, with a dupatta draped over my shoulder like a saree.

I never realized when a Management Post Graduate, working with various marketing companies (LIC, Kareer Konnect) gradually drifted towards the field of Education. Perhaps, firstly to spend more time with my own children as the profession of a teacher often is chosen due to the number of vacations one gets. After 10 years of working with mainstream schools, I found myself slogging through late night preparing lessons, correcting papers and realising I was on duty all the time. I gradually became conscious about the fact of how stressful all this is not only for the teacher but also for the tiny souls bombarded with the burden of so called “learning”. Traditional teaching methods put me off completely when my own son, a mild dyslexic had to suffer due to the unreasonable rote learning methods.

One day I just found myself at a school with a beautiful soul of its own. The school compound was full of happy faces, jumping, hopping, singing and playing musical instruments, drawing and painting. I thought to myself that this is where I wanted to be; Tridha – An Alternative School that followed the child cantered philosophy of Dr. Rudolf Steiner. This is where my journey towards my core began through an exploration of Healing Elements Of Arts. Today, I have a healing arts centre of my own called Trishti – Healing Arts and Educational Center.

What is Trishti – Healing Arts and Educational Centre and what is the program that it offers?

Trishti is a long perceived concept that has come to birth after nine and a half years of my interaction and conversation with Healing Arts. I always dreamt… though… what would it be like to open a centre that could offer meaningful programmes to children and adults to sharpen their concept formation, thinking skills, insightfulness, to build confidence, to find a space that is inviting and enjoys both structure and freedom? What would it be like to be taught and stimulated by an educator with a vision and passion? That would be unique in a world where children spent inordinate time in tuition centres and crammed classes.

By art, I always mean 7 main modalities of arts – visual arts, painting, sculpture, storytelling, poetry, music, movement, and everything that is usually thought of as creative. I believe that art and healing are coming together to become one. As art and healing merge, the field of art will be changed and so will the field of medicine. For many of us, healing art is a spiritual path, a transformation process, a way of being. I usually concentrate on making art to heal, using the creative process of art as a healing force. I believe that making art frees the body’s healing mechanisms. I believe it unites body, mind, and spirit.

H.E.A.R.T.- Healing and Expressive Art Redefined Therapy is a program designed keeping in mind the holistic approach that nourishes head, heart and hands, where everyone’s individuality is revered and catered to. The program will immerse you in the field of art and healing. It has three levels – Experiential Healing Arts, Practitioner Healing Arts, Trainer Healing Arts

Art Yoga is an online series of various programs, namely Sacred Geometry Art Yoga, Womb Healing Art Yoga, Seven Levels of Consciousness, Chakra Art Yoga, Yantra Yoga.

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What is Expressive Art and what is its role in emotional healing?

Healing is an internal process you do for yourself. It restores the balance and harmony to the body, mind and spirit and can be done with a cure as the focus. Healing activities are essential when the negative influences of illness, loss or life changes encompass your life. In today’s time healing is more important as we carry all the stress within us, the frequencies that keep affecting us; we have lost control of external factors. Healing through the arts can show you that life can be more, or in some way, better than before. True healing is not waiting for time to heal; it is creating the opportunities where healing takes place and the process of mending can make us stronger. Through art we gain a sense of life’s meaning. When we create art, we make something that did not exist before and can preserve it to enjoy. Our interaction with art provides a break from the pace of routine, where we can notice the unique. You do not need to be creative to participate, only a desire to learn and enjoy the adventure.

Creation and healing are the same ‘energy’. They transform us, in many subtle ways. Art heals by helping us to accept our inner-self and do something with it. Even though all parts of the self need to be embraced with unconditional love, there is something inside us perfecting our true nature. Our authentic self knows we are growing through life and simply going through life at the same time. This delicate balance between these two forces of nature enables us to stay on our path. In doing so, we learn to trust our inner being and find direction there when direction in life is not present. While exploring colours through wet-on-wet painting, darkness turns to day, the sun moves over the horizon and touches everything in sight. This movement across the landscape brightens everything. Such an illumination awakens us all. We rise with energy moving in and through it allowing us to create a new day. It is a day unique from the rest and creatively woven into our soul.  This is the landscape of our soul. As you can see, nature has a way of showing us just how powerful we are. The same power that created the moon and the stars and the movement of all, space and time, lies within us.

What is Exploring The Heart program?

Exploring The Heart is an yearly program specially designed to help participants to learn different modalities of arts through experiential learning. The therapeutic impact of learning expressive arts is on five major areas:

  1. Expression
  2. Imagination
  3. Active participation (Creativity)
  4. Mind-body connection
  5. Spiritual Growth

It is like catering to the five elements – Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space (panchtatva) that we are made-up of.

This leads to:

  • Detoxification of mind, body and soul.
  • Self acknowledgement.
  • Releasing of blocked energies.
  • Enhancement of performance on all levels (personal, social, mental, emotional and spiritual).
  • Learning a new modality gives boost to energy levels and enhances life force attracting good health on all levels.
  • Promotes personal growth leading to increase of self-worth.

Do participants have to do any kind of preparation for the workshop?

Yes, I do have loads of inner work allotted to my clients after they enroll. And they always end up asking for more. It’s full of deep churning art exercises that are simple yet have a very profound effect on their emotional, mental, spiritual as well as physical well-being.

To join the Exploring The Heart program, write to trishti.education@gmail.com. 

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