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As Mother Earth calls upon us to transform, change and reconnect with her once again, we move towards massive transformations, leaving behind old ideas of living; a more sustainable way of life asking us to listen to our innate nature which is deeply connected to the earth.

Join us for these magical 5 days of transformation and transfiguration as we walk towards a life filled with joy, gratitude and abundance.


Coorg, also known as Kodagu is nestled in the southern reaches of the Western Ghats. The British called Coorg the Scotland of India because of the similarities between the Scottish moors and the elevated landscape of Coorg. Beautiful mountain views, clean rivers and a salubrious climate make Coorg the primary Coffee growing district in India.

The Kodavas
Native to Coorg, the Kodavas are a race known for their valor and beauty. Firmly rooted in a tribal philosophy, the culture of Kodavas is unique and different from their neighbors. From the Coorg weddings to the seasonal agrarian festivals, the charm and warmth of the local population will create an everlasting impression in your mind.

Coorg Wildlife
Kodagu is considered rich with wildlife and has three wildlife sanctuaries and one national park: the Talakaveri and Pushpagiri wildlife sanctuaries, and the Nagarhole Rajiv Gandhi National Park. The fauna includes the Asian elephant, tiger, leopard, dhole gaur, wild boar and several species of deer. Kodagu also offers a wide variety of birds. Roughly around 300 varieties of birds have been sighted and reported over the years.


Chetna Chakravarthy

Chetna is a Healing Practitioner and Life Coach practicing Bio-Touch, Chakra Healing, PositiveAction Coaching and Oracle Card Reading. Her sense of reality and practical approach towards healing enables her clients to make changes and sustain healthy habits as they move towards living life to the fullest in alignment with their desires and highest good.

Chetna will be taking us through a beautiful journey of shift through our Earth Chakras – the Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras. As our being opens up towards a new way of being she will guide us into our Heart Chakra helping us experience one consciousness. Every healing session will take us through our deepest emotions uncovering patterns that need to be broken. Through the Earth Magic Retreat, you will learn to flow through your feelings and through life towards a wholesome space.

Natasha Mahindra

Natasha is a certified yoga therapist and founder of Anam Cara Yoga Retreats , a yoga travel and adventure company. She is a certified yoga therapist from the Kripalu centre in Massachusetts, she has been working in the space of chronic illness and structural issues for over 5 years now. Stepping beyond the realms of traditional asanas she enjoys sufi whirling, dynamic dance meditations discovering ancient systems of practice for women and conducts yoga for children. Natasha creates beautiful spaces and intimate gatherings using sound, art and dance therapy in collaboration with yoga and other healing practices to offer a holistic experience.

To her, yoga means: To drop the masks we wear and to give light to our shadow selves. She will be leading the morning and evening yoga classes as well as dynamic dance sessions and special guided meditations

Guest Facilitator


Anahata Meher practices  Shamanism as a way of life, and share’s all that she receive’s with those who are ready and seeking. She creates her own healing flower essences and also uses Bach Flower Therapy and Plant Spirit Medicine. She is an Animal Communicator and Healer.


We will be staying between 2 Homestays,  joined by a Coffee estate.


Belonging to the well-known fashion personality Prasad Bidapa, Kolamotte is a heritage coffee estate located in Pollibetta, Coorg with a charming home built in the middle of a 16 acre spread.

These estates have been cultivated for almost 200 years and the charm of seeing a coffee estate growing under the jungle canopy leaves one awestruck. Pepper creepers grow up the teak and rosewood trees, while cardamom and other spices are also grown. Orange trees are heavily laden with sun ripened fruit. The lush emerald paddy fields are a sight to behold and the pleasures of estate life come alive in brilliant technicolor.

The Cottage 

Polibetta, Coorg

Joined by the same coffee estates , these 2 quaint properties are nestled inside thick forests and are surrounded by luscious trees and coffee plantations. The quintessential Coorg homestay experience makes you feel right at home.


We have set a diverse menu for you with a lot of local meals, barbecues, outdoor dinners and home cooked delicious food. Please let us know if you prefer veg or non-veg and if you suffer from any allergies. Please do let us know in advance about special requests.


Air – The closest airport is Bangalore and from there  4.5 hr drive to Polibetta, Coorg.

Road – Coorg is connected by all major highways and we can help you with directions. We are on google maps too.

Train – Closest train station is Mysore and from there a 2.5 hr drive to Polibetta,Coorg.

Morning Yoga
Chakra Meditations
Healing Sessions
Sunset Restorative Yoga
Nature Walks
Tarot card reading
Shamanic healing
Star Gazing
Yoga Nidra

5 Days, 4 nights shared Accommodation
All meals
Yoga and healing sessions
Nature activities

Double share Package
Rs 32,000/-

Package DOES NOT include:

Air Fare/Train Tickets

Transport to Coorg

*Highly recommended:

Personalised, one on one sessions with our Guest Facilitator Anahata Meher

Tarot Card reading – Rs 2000/session

Reiki – Rs 2500/session

We look forward to welcoming you and hope you join us in celebrating this Earth Magic we have within and around us.

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