A perspective from an Instagram chat with Shaman Durek

Dear @Instagram,

Thank you for being such a colourful platform. You have connected me to some beautiful people and have encouraged such interesting and often life changing conversations. You’ve helped me reach out to so many more people and enabled me to share the light the universe gifts me on each waking day.

Shaman Durek

As a testimony to the magic I have experienced, I share a conversation I had on Insta DM with @ShamanDurek. We are two souls on different continents connected only on Instagram. But the love flows… the light moves us both. Last month he posted something on his #Instastory about how we are responsible for how we feel irrespective of what someone else does. While I lost the Insta story image, I do have the conversation and this is how it went… I hope it gives you some guidance, a perspective or maybe just a little light that you may need right now.

For this to be true we all need to be true. When a person is working with ulterior motives and from a space of inauthenticity aren’t they part of the cause? Yes, I can choose what I feel and how I feel, but we are all connected too. In a way I get what you’re expressing here. But in a way it’s too black and white for me. I wish we could all be at the vibration all the time, but as humans this is a work in progress, right?

Actually every human being is entitled to feel what they want to feel. It’s not your responsibility which emotion they choose to feel about you by you just being you. Human beings have to take responsibility for their own emotions instead of pushing it on to other people.

There are many emotions that the human consciousness can choose to describe a feeling or an idea. When someone chooses an emotion and makes you responsible for the emotion that they have chosen it is called lack of responsibility or lack of integrity towards the self. It is important that we as a society of people begin to learn emotional intelligence if we are to adapt and move forward in our evolution.
It’s not black and white as you say, in fact it is just as it is – common sense.


Chetna Chakravarty

So what happens when someone I love is rude to me? I can choose to be indifferent, feel angry, feel like walking away or ignore. Yes, I have that responsibility towards myself. But what about the other person’s action? Who is that person accountable to? And if he/she is only accountable to himself, then how does one develop interpersonal relationships? We can’t live in a silo… We live connected to each other… There is an ebb and flow of tides. And where does conscience fit in here?

If someone is rude to you, they are only being rude to themselves. It has nothing to do with you. If you are affected by it that means that you are being rude to yourself. It means at some level you believe what they’re saying and you’re not clear about who you are as a person and are unable to understand the truth of who you are. When you are clear about who you are nothing can affect you.

Also you should only surround yourself with people in your life who are uplifting and positive and filled with love. If people are being rude to you or are being obnoxious then why do you have them in your life as friends.

Thank you… Now the emotional intelligence and being responsible to and for your own feelings makes sense. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful souls and positive vibrations. But this duality always perplexed me especially when trying to explain it to loved ones and clients.

I share this post, for you to think about how you choose to react to other people. Take responsibility instead of handing over your power to the other person or playing a blame game. There are no victims except those who choose to be so or those who may not have the courage to emerge as victors yet.

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