#EverydayPeople – I am going to conquer this. It can’t be bigger than me.

In this week’s #everydaypeople post. we have Riddhima Saxena sharing her story with some #protips and #lifehacks.

My dear friend and an awesome human being who is a mentor, coach and guide to many reached out to me asking me to describe a challenge I faced in my life and how did I overcome that. I thought a lot about this as I felt I don’t have much to share but then at one moment I realized I have something really really important to share which is my battle with health issues. No, they were not big ones at all but small ones which a lot of us take for granted and think of it as nothing big. This persistent health problem not only impacted me physically, it played a role in my overall well-being, my sense of self confidence, body image issues, lack of self-love  and fear about life in general. I don’t know at which point it started to impact all this but it did

1. Describe a challenging incident of your life; something that changed you or your life.
I suffered from gastritis and IBS issues for over a decade. Once the problem developed, it consistently progressed till it became chronic. I was initially puzzled about what was going on within me and couldn’t get a grip on my own well-being. As one does, I went to doctors, specialists and a dietitian too who all shared tips about what should be done to manage it, but those would only work temporarily. It was further aggravated with unexplained weight gain, mood swings and a general feeling of depression throughout. This impacted my overall personality, and professional and personal life.

Four years ago I received an opportunity to move to another country which was exciting but not easy. With a depleted sense of self, I did make the big move. Moving to any other country in itself is challenging as you need to make so many changes in your patterns and ways and if you don’t have the right emotional and physical health support, it can only increase your challenges. But it created an emotional upheaval of sorts and my health continued to suffer. I just couldn’t figure out what to do about it.

Looking back what was the mindset that helped you push through this or overcome this challenge?
One fine day I chanced upon this health coach at a café who spoke about how she helps people regain their health. My first reaction was that of hesitation and not until I spoke to Chetna who encouraged me to go for it that I resolved to regain some control over my own health.

The process which started with the health coach and the naturopath helped me understand my problem at the root of it. They did advise me on what to eat and what to minimize but not from a perspective of ‘it’s not good for you’ but more by shifting my attention to foods which are great for me.

The entire process has helped not only physically but also mentally. It made me realise the importance of our gut health. The popular saying “gut instinct” comes from the fact that our stomach is our second brain.

I feel more charged about life in general and it made me consciously focus more on myself and devoting time to self-care. It also made me excited about cooking… something I avoided like plague.

One life tip for others; a way of thinking, a perspective or an action that helps you pull through the ups and downs of life.
“I am going to conquer this. It can’t be bigger than me.” This is the thought pattern that pulled me through. To those who battle IBS, just know that you can heal. At the very least you can manage it effectively. Do not hold back on your own self. Understand your body, treat it with kindness and most of all  understand your mind and heart too. Chronic pain can change who you are in ways you won’t even realise. So get  the help you need… keep looking… keep trying till you find the appropriate solution. Remember, this pain is not bigger than you.

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The series #everydaypeople is about understanding that “life happens” to everyone. We all need a little dose of inspiration, a tiny sense of “there are others going through something similar” and, some #protips and #lifehacks to help us through. 

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