Why pick a Healing Retreat over regular holiday

At the beginning of 2017, I went on my first yoga and healing Retreat. It was a trip to Andaman with Anam Cara Yoga Retreats (3 Reasons to go on a Retreat). A few months later, I along with Natasha Mahindra (founder of Anam Cara Yoga Retreats) hosted the first Earth Magic Retreat in Karjat. The second edition of Earth Magic happened last month in Coorg with Natasha and Anahata Meher in the midst of beautiful hills and lovely coffee estates. I asked a few participants why would they choose to go on a Retreat again and why would they recommend a Retreat to a friend instead of a regular holiday? And here’s what they have to say.

Rachna Reddy

A yoga Retreat is something I would surely do at least once a year. I feel free of at least half the pain, anger and guilt that I was carrying. I feel I have really shed my old layer and am ready to take on life with a rejuvenated zest.

It was great to be a part of this yoga Retreat where we got to really not only focus on going within and making peace with ourselves but also enjoy nature, meet new people. I haven’t experienced this kind of calmness and peace in a long time and I feel like a new me.

I would highly recommend a yoga Retreat to everyone especially anyone who is struggling in any aspect of their lives or just to keep pace with life. I think it’s important to constantly shed the older layers that we carry through life so your real self is able to shine through.

Rajiv Menon

I would choose to go for a Retreat again because it is a great opportunity to meet like minded people and gain valuable insight to cope with the needs of our stressful modern lives.

I would recommend a Retreat over a holiday because the right retreat can be so much more than rest and recreation, it can be a positive transformative experience.

Shernaz Dastur

A normal happy travel holiday does broaden the horizons and gives a feeling of happiness but a Retreat break heals from within. You not only feel happy but also a sense of achievement comes in. The soul is nourished to the maximum and horizons are not only till the open eyes can perceive but beyond what the closed eyes can touch. Hence would certainly go personally and also recommend.

Hazel Choksi

No doubt a good holiday ensures relaxation and a free mindset. However, after experiencing a Retreat like Earth Magic, I can say a Retreat ensures deep and intensive cleansing – physical yes, but more importantly mental and emotional. It is like an inside-out car wash whereas a holiday is an outer-body polish 🙂

For same reason, I would highly recommend friends and family who are looking for a rejuvenation break to go for a wellness Retreat, namely Anam Cara :).


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