#EverydayPeople – Be good. Be kind

The one person I know who gives the warmest and best hugs in the world is Shilpa. But as I always say, everyone has a journey. We all live many lifetimes in this one life. Well here is Shilpa sharing a piece of her journey and some life-affirming life lessons.

1. Describe a challenging incident of your life, one thing that changed your life.
My father was a navy guy, always strong and fit, a marathon runner. But when I was young he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. He suffered for five years and spent one whole year in the hospital. I lost him when I was 19. That has been the most challenging time of my life.

2. What was the mindset that helped you push through it or helped overcome this challenge?
The thought that kept me going was that I have to be strong for my mother. I had a great relationship with my father and I was there for him, but to imagine how badly my mother was suffering being his partner, taking care of his every little need; I couldn’t crash or burn. This was the mindset that helped me sail through and I became best friends with my mom during this time.

3. One life tips for others; a way of thinking, a perspective or an action that helps you pull through the ups and downs of your life.
If you make your life about yourself, it’s doomsday for others. Make people happy. Be good, be kind. Another thing that helps me pull through is dogs, they are my life.

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The series #everydaypeople is about understanding that “life happens” to everyone. We all need a little dose of inspiration, a tiny sense of “there are others going through something similar” and, some #protips and #lifehacks to help us through. 

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