Power of Intentions with Shilpi Chawla

An intention – what is it? To me it’s a commitment to myself. Whenever I’ve set an intention or ensured a client has set daily intentions, we both have experienced the day transform; completely aligned to that intention we set. How, you ask? Magic! Or then it’s simple science of that what I focus on is what will transpire.

I came across Shilpi’s Book of Intents when it first released through one of my favourite and go to Crystal Healers Tarminder Manchanda. And since then I’ve gifted it to so many friends because it’s such a beautiful book of right thoughts. On most days I flip through the pages and pick a random intention. But what seems random to many, I know for sure is meant for me. The words that appear are usually apt for what I’m feeling on that morning.

I hope you enjoy reading this short interview where Shilpi tells us about her journey to being a life coach and an author. She also runs a beautiful course on how to set intentions. If you’d like more information or want to register for this course write to Shilpi at shilpi.earthangel@gmail.com.

Tell me something about yourself and your journey into being an author and a coach.

I am a Certified Angel practitioner and a trained teacher for Heal Your Life philosophies of Louise H Hay. My journey has led me through various therapies and I have practiced healing modalities like Reiki, hypnosis, Somatic Experiencing, Art of Living, Vipasna, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), crystal healing, Buddhist chanting, and Shamanism.

I am someone who is curious about the genre of self-help and internal healing with the help of tools and aids. At the age of 18 I was posed with the question – who am I and what is my purpose to be here? I like to look at my challenges in life as lessons and I am excited about serving through my work which takes many forms – a book, a reading through my deck of cards from the Traveling series, facilitating workshops and engaging with my audience through a talk.

About being an author:

I knew there were ideas that had to be written down and hence I followed my intuition. By the grace of God they transformed themselves into books that could reach a larger audience with the message.

Coaching comes to me naturally. A lot of my methods are based around the theme of my books i.e. motherhood, intention, relationships and money.

What’s your book – The Book of Intents about?

It is a beginner’s journey into the world of creation. The Book of Intents has big fonts and lettering so that the reader is encouraged to complete the book. This book offers basic information and understanding about what an intention is and how simple words like fun, bless, joy and free are more powerful than we actually understand. The readers can select an intention from any chapter of their interest and use it for a particular day. This can help them start experiencing the benefits of setting an intention straight away.

The Book of Intents is a simple read and it encourages one to go deeper in their journey with self.

Tell me something about the course you offer and who is it targeted towards?

I offer two courses at the moment:

 – Play the week and the weekend: It is essentially meant to help professional women and mothers prioritise themselves. The course helps busy women to start looking and approaching each day as a resource that is alive and full of potential. I help them set intentions for each day of the working week and the weekend. In this way they are able to write down and apply what is most important to them personally and professionally.

-Gift to your Heart, Body and Mind: This course is for busy mothers and women who are looking for a quick and easy start into exploring spirituality. I help them to set one core intention for the three most beautiful gifts in their lives, heart-body-mind. When all the three aspects of what make them function are in harmony, they are nothing but a living miracle.

What tools do you use for the course and why is ‘setting intention’ important for achieving goals?

My tool for the course is intentions. I have created an easy module of videos and worksheets which allows the participant to work through the content of the course at their own time and pace. The idea is to help them create their best version and live life from a place of awareness.

Our mind is like a monkey. If we heard and acted as per its commands at all times it would lead to energy depletion. This is why an intention is relevant – an intention acts like an anchor. It helps you answer the most important question and hence focus your energies in a specific direction. Setting intentions regularly will open you up and make every action easier, smoother and authentic. Once you are used to setting intentions in daily life, living becomes purposeful with a higher vision.

Shilpi’s courses will officially launch from the month of October this year. You can email her at  shilpi.earthangel@gmail.com to sign up. The courses will also be available for booking through her website – www.shilpichawlabooks.com.  Follow her on Instagram @shilps_, Twitter @shilpijchawla Pinterest at shilpijayesh and Facebook Power of Intention to stay updated.

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