Client Diaries #9

“Yaaay! Thanks to you babe for pushing me to do it.”

Standing in a space of #gratitude. Seeing a client succeed and evolve fills me with joy. But it also fills me with a sense of how each of my clients hold the space for me to fulfill my purpose. The universe works in magical ways.

“Accept yourself. Whatever it is, it’s okay.”

One of my biggest challenges with my clients is to get them to accept themselves, their life, their reality as is. Because only when we stand still in acceptance do we receive clarity of the change we need to bring about and how we can achieve that. Most of us have our eyes glued to the end result. But in focusing on that distant future we fail to see all the things we need to do to get there. Time starts running out or so we start feeling. And then as the impatience leads to frustration we hunt for that magic pill that’ll make our pain disappear overnight.

So, I ask you to just accept yourself… Good… Bad… Joy… Pain… Peace… Frustration… Whatever it is that you are feeling. Just accept. For now allow yourself to be still… be unconditionally​ loved

“I am trying to create wealth before I build my values. I need to affirm my values and decide what kind of a person I want to be.” 

I often tell my clients that everyone wants to own that Jaguar, but only a few have the heart to drive it the way it should be driven (especially on our Indian roads). In life too, we have big dreams and aspirations, but are we ready to live it? Base your life on a strong set of values. Take the time to understand yourself. Build yourself slowly and steadily. This is not a race. You decide the pace at which your life flows. So breathe deep and evolve as is appropriate for your highest good.

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