#EverydayPeople – Be your own Frodo

Failed model. Failed actor. Failed writer. Failed producer. Currently going to be a failure in the Gym and coming out stronger. 

Says the Twitter and Instagram bio of Aashish Mehrotra, 32 year-old Chief Video Officer at MSL India and a fitness trainer. Aashish is currently training to be an Ironman. Here’s his story.

1. Describe a challenging incident of your life; something that changed you or your life.
I tried thinking of one incident in my life that changed me. I couldn’t single out just 1 event to be honest. Life is a series of events that change you. For me it was split into 3 distinct ones. Very basic, human in the millennial world basic. Money, failure & death

Money: I’m from a family filled with businessmen and women. After reading that line you know exactly what’s going to come next. Debt, credit card debt, mortgage debt.. It was brought upon me at the age of 23. Something I don’t think I was prepared for. It changed me, I understood the value of wealth in a very different way. Losing your home does that to you.

Failure: I come from a bollywood background. I was an upcoming producer, and optimistic one. Bad idea in the film industry. I invested the last bit of money we had into a film project which got shelved. I was 28yrs old. No job, no film, no money, no backup. I failed.

Death: I lost a lot of people I loved or just knew in my life time. Both my grandmothers, a family friend to cancer and most recently my brother in law who I looked up to as my own brother. Your perspective on what’s important in life changes.

2. Looking back what was the mindset that helped you push through this or overcome this challenge?

“What’s the worst that could happen?” is what I would say when I was low, down and out. I had two options, give up or move forward. I knew giving up would garner ZERO results; moving forward, I had a 50% chance to succeed. I liked those odds much, much better. Life is a beautiful, beautiful journey. Even if you look at it as a book or a movie. Say like LOTR (Lord Of The Rings), it is a journey that changes you. You love Frodo for the scars he endured and how stronger he came out in the end. He didn’t give up. Be your own Frodo.

3. One life tip for others; a way of thinking, a perspective or an action that helps you pull through the ups and downs of life.

Love. Love is something that will save us all one day. Love for another, love for a hobby, love for humanity, love for your job, your family, for travel. Keep that love close. Find it, cherish it and use every moment you have to appreciate it and bask in its beauty. Love is all around us, we just need to embrace it. Let it be the light in the darkest of days and don’t be afraid to be proud of that love.

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The series #everydaypeople is about understanding that “life happens” to everyone. We all need a little dose of inspiration, a tiny sense of “there are others going through something similar” and, some #protips and #lifehacks to help us through. 

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