Client Diaries #10

“Stop being a damsel in distress looking for her Knight in shining armour. Be a queen who is waiting to meet her king.”

As I worked with a client on her relationship patterns, we decided to level up. We decided to break through this pattern of wanting to be taken care of, needing to be rescued. We decided to consciously choose a man who will complement her and not complete her. There are no voids to be filled… She is whole… Scars, cracks and all.

“I need to stop looking for the escape route before I start something.”

While talking about inertia and procrastination towards a life-changing decision my client had taken we received an insight that seems to be the truth for many of us. We want to do many things in life. But when the opportunity comes knocking, we start looking for that exit door even before we’ve welcomed the opportunity. Our ability to commit to something depends on the availability of an escape route. How can we ever hope to succeed or achieve greatness with such a level of commitment? What are these options that we feel we will miss out on if we commit to meeting our own selves, our own dreams? If you take a leap of faith, and things don’t turn out how you imagined, it’s okay. The journey will be worth a lot and an exit door will open at the right time… One that’ll take you to a better, far more evolved space in your life.

“All these expectations…my life, my reality isn’t moving at the same pace. I need to slow down. I need to stop setting myself up for failure.”

Expectations are rarely ever aligned to reality. And when we burden a desire with expectations we slow ourselves down. All the weight doesn’t allow us to move towards what we want with ease and joy. Instead we battle demons of doubt, procrastination and even a lack of will. So today my client and I decided to let go of all that you expect and only focus on that which she wants. We broke it down tosimple actions and one goal for this week. We are choosing to move forward slowly and steadily.Client

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