Let’s talk about Chronic Pains and Illness

Migraine, sciatica, lower back pain, diabetes, frozen shoulder, injuries that refuse to heal…these chronic pains and illnesses are our body’s way of telling us that there’s something that needs to heal on a deeper level. These pains are the manifestations of the emotions that we often struggle with. Last week I asked my Instagram followers to share their struggle with chronic pain to help them understand what their body is trying to tell them.

Migraine and tightness of the shoulders
There are two angles to this:
– Drowning in judgement, constantly scrutinising everything about yourself. Treating yourself harshly forcing yourself to live up to expectations.
– How’s the stomach? Anger, irritation, frustration are the heavy emotions that cause severe acidity or uneasiness in the stomach which would trigger the headache.
See which one resonates with you and try to address that emotion.

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Body feels heavy and dull ache in muscles
The body needs a detox plan. Each cell is burdened with heavy energies. Muscles are tired of carrying the heavy emotions. Physical detox…that’s a good place to start.

Bloating and stomach discomfort
Stomach issues indicate an inability to process life appropriately. How you break down things happening in your life? Give that a thought. How do you react or respond to change? Or is there a behaviour pattern that could be connected to this reaction your body is putting out?

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Tiredness despite of sleeping for 8-9 hours
Your body maybe asleep but is your mind switching off? We’ve all become used to putting the laptop on sleep mode. We are doing the same with our mind. We need to shut that laptop and our mind down so that in the morning it’s a “restart”. Turn off screens and meditate just before you sleep. Fall asleep to a good grounding meditation.

Diabetes is the body saying there’s nothing sweet in one’s life; feeling a complete lack of joy. And this could be an illusion but for the person it is real. A change in perspective, mindset and how we process daily life helps recovery. A change in how one treats oneself and their life…valuing oneself a lot more helps.

Ankle pain
Ankle and feet indicate our ability to move forward with conviction and confidence. Guilt is the emotion that is pushed to our ankles making it difficult for us to keep moving. Especially guilt about being happy or pleasures we allow ourselves to indulge in. Do you hesitate or overthink when deciding to do something for yourself? Think about it.

Lower back pain
Lower back pain indicates a sense of lack…lack of support, lack of abundance, lack of being able to do all that you want to do. It indicates trouble in career, financial unhappiness or shaky or even non-existent core relationships… relationships you can fall back on. Lower back can be eased when you ease the pressure on yourself and your life. Take charge of the situation. Support your own being by making better choices for yourself.

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Neck pain/shoulder stiffness
Neck is all about being open to perspectives while shoulder is where we place the energy of life as a burden. Stiffness and pain in this area indicates rigidity and inability to accept something different…something your conditioning and belief system says is not right. Is there any such situation you’ve been battling? Or is there a behaviour pattern coming to mind when you read this?

Persistent cold and throat issues
Throat has to do with expression. How do you communicate? Do you struggle to be heard or are you constantly swallowing bitter words being said to you?

Cold is an indication that there’s too much on your plate and you’re not taking time to breathe. Even if physically there’s not much on your task list, are you all over the place in your head?

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