Let’s Talk About Health with Shruti Seth – Alternative Healing for Mental Well-being

Talking to Shruti Seth about Life Coaching, coping mechanisms and alternative healing for mental well-being.

Want Vs Need

Understand what you want right now and what you need. How do you do that especially with ‘so much’ happening around us? Divide your life into buckets – work, family, love, social etc and then identify that big goal of yours. State that goal clearly and set a realistic timeline for yourself.


Work towards your goal but don’t chase the result. Understand what mindset and patterns you need to have to be able to achieve the goal.

Celebrate small victories

Celebrate the small victories that come your way while you are working towards the bigger goal. Take a pit stop and refuel the car. If you don’t you will run out of fuel. Breathe.

Be resilient

Learn to improvise and adapt. Don’t be afraid of feeling an emotion or getting stuck.

Positive thinking

Negative thinking is our default setting. Positive thinking is a conscious habit that you have to build.

Faith it till you make it

Faith is the opposite of fear. Find your statement or practice of faith and do it everyday to counter the negative emotions.

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