The myth of spirituality

Unless you’re planning to live an austere life in the Himalayas, don’t make spirituality an excuse for not living your potential. We are all spiritual beings. But we have chosen to experience this human life and it’s for a purpose. So, let’s quit complaining  and whining and get  on with the adventure.

What’s my calling? That’s like the holy grail for our generation. Well, let me just put it out there right at the beginning – Our only purpose in this human realm is to EVOLVE. Yes, that’s why the soul has chosen whatever form it has on this planet, in this realm. That stone you kicked, the dog that barked at you, the tree that saved you from the sudden rain and the person sitting next to you in the train – whatever form the soul may have chosen, it has done so to evolve.

I’m guessing your soul has chosen the human form and hence you’re reading this post. Well, think about life as one long road trip. You start out (the baby is born) with a suitcase which has some stuff you need (inherent nature) and a lot of stuff you’re meant to discard along the way (karma, memories of other lifetimes). The roles of a child, sibling, friend, lover, partner, husband/wife, daughter/son-in-law, mother/father, aunt/uncle, grandparent – these are all tools to help you fulfill your purpose… which is to evolve. That job you’re chasing, those money aspirations you have, the car you want to buy, the house you want to own – these are all opportunities to help you live that purpose… which in this scenario too is the same… to evolve! All those bad experiences you’ve had or will have as you drive along, those obstacles are also opportunities to help you discover new tools you need to… well, to continue evolving.

As the journey continues you throw things out from that suitcase you started with and you put new stuff in. Some of us end up with more baggage that we need because we fail to let go of stuff. Some of us end up with less than what is needed because we aren’t really enjoying the road trip and are blocking things out quite like a stubborn, noisy child told to keep quiet for five minutes. The only way to live life is to live it. You cannot sit in the car and then not absorb the experience of this road trip. I’m sorry but that’s not an option. Whether you want to or not, your five senses are absorbing everything and your mind and heart are processing it all. And hence your soul will be impacted. Now you decide whether it’s going to be an impact of evolution or one of blocking the soul from living it’s purpose.

We are living in a material world. Money is the means to the end in day to day life. Relationships are the support system created to help and give us company on this journey. Get up and get to work, in your professional and personal lives. Dream big, set goals and live your potential. But do not fail to take responsibility for your choices, do not avoid being accountable and simply state your illusions of spirituality your reason for not taking action.

We are all spiritual beings. We need to remember what that means in the context of our own lives. It’s not something new to be learnt. If anything, it involves unlearning a lot of stuff. It’s okay for you to want to be rich or to want to marry rich. If money is what rocks your boat, go for it. But as you work towards it with sincerity and determination understand the truths that life will reveal to you and grow. If ambition, fame is your thing then along the way life will give you opportunities even if they are disguised as obstacles to build your character. Laziness, procrastination, fear of failure, “poor me” mindset, helplessness – these are all opportunities that hold the key to growth. We are meant to breakthrough and rise.

So if you’re going to pray today… if you’re going to find your faith… you want to ask for clarity, guidance on how to move forward and the strength to do whatever it is you need to do.

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