#ClientDiaries 11 – Life lessons and gentle reminders

“Are you losing your freedom or are you investing in an adventure?”

Call it a #lifelesson or a #gentlereminder, a whole bunch of us have this fear of getting stuck, of being tied down, of feeling restricted or having limits put on us. An epiphany – that’s what this moment of realisation was to my client and me. What will it take for you to commit to yourself, your dreams, desires and even the people in your life. Every breath of yours is an investment in this life you have chosen to live. It’s time to replace fear with faith. It’s time to take that chance in life.

“I want to see and be a new me. Driven, fearless, super confident, and economically independent. I want to be able to pay all my debts and want to attract a life partner for sure.”

When starting off with a new client, I always ask them what do they want. Usually I get paragraphs of what they don’t want or what they have faced. But as I keep nudging them along, we’ll eventually refine it to 2-3 crisp sentences.

So today work on that wish list. The clearer your words, the easier it is for your mind, body and soul to focus on it. The Universe then will respond faster to your vibration that’s truly tuned into your desire.

Nowadays I am expressing myself completely and honestly without inhibition and this is making me expand.”

One of the magical experiences of Chakra Healing is this feeling of opening up… finding the courage to accept and speak your truth; discovering who you are and being strong enough to be exactly that. When the layers are peeled off, your potential flows through you uninhibited. That’s magic now, isn’t it?

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