Positivity Planner System is my magic tool

I have never been a planner person or someone who would maintain any kind of journal (well…except when I was a teenager and maintained a cricket journal). But then, I also didn’t have clarity about my goals until two years ago till I started the PositiveAction Coaching Program with Chetna. (You can read about my experience here). After three months of working on my goals and zeroing down on my top three priorities, I realised that I felt better when I had my goals – both short term and long term – written down. So then, when she developed the Positivity Planner System I knew I would be using it. The determination to live to my full potential got even stronger after I did the Vision Board Workshop with her in November last year.

For the first quarter I chose to stick to my existing goals and work harder towards them. This was also the time when I was learning how to use the planner. I would write quotes, doodle and make my to-do lists. By the second quarter my goals changed and it was in the third quarter when I witnessed the magic. In May this year I launched a pop-up dinner project. After our (successful) first dinner my chef partner asked me if we should reach out to magazines and newspapers for feature. I told her, “let’s just focus on doing what we are doing, it’ll all happen.” In my planner I made a note that I wanted the project to be featured in newspapers, and magazines and continued working on planning the next dinner. Of course, I ensured the word got out through social media. Sometime in June, a little before our second dinner, I got an email from one of the famous luxury magazines saying that they wanted to feature us for their upcoming issue. By the time we hosted our second dinner, we were already featured in three national dailies and by the end of July we were in two magazines. This was magic! We did put in the hard work that was required, but things came to us.

It was similar with the pages dedicated to travel. I didn’t have anything planned at the beginning of the year and so far I have had two international trips, a few work trips within India and I am planning to end the year with a family vacation. So yes, the Positivity Planner System IS my magic tool.

Shirin Mehrotra is a freelance travel and food writer and Content Strategist based out of Mumbai.

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