#ClientDiaries 12 – Awareness and gratitude

“This is a speed breaker, not an insurmountable mountain.”

Just another reminder that storms will pass. Ask yourself if what you are fretting about is a mountain of trouble or just a bump in the road. Breathe deep… slow down… sometimes that’s all it takes.

“I see a woman who is strong – strong enough to feel what she wants to feel, strong enough to get up every day and do her best,” mother to her daughter.

There’s no bigger assurance and honour than to hear a mother say this to her daughter who has been a client. Filled with gratitude.

“What will happen if my heart breaks? I’ll hurt for a while and then… move on. What am I so afraid of.”

It’s very important to get clients to question themselves. It’s only when I nudge them to ask obvious yet seemingly difficult questions, do they speak the truth aloud. In many cases it’s the first time that they would have allowed themselves to admit something that has been lingering around for years. And in some cases that dreaded, sealed box from the past is ripped open, its contents finally laid out on display. In both cases the shift is almost immediate. The awareness, the realisation opens many new ways of thinking and feeling. And as much as they’d want to go back to the old ways they’ll Cha Cha their way forward.

A big thanks to a magical and loving soul for allowing me to dig into his heart and pull out a few truths today. #gratitude

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