Earth Magic Kahna – Yoga, Safari and Healing Retreat

“I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery — air,mountains, trees, people. I thought, ‘This is what it is to be happy” – SYLVIA PLATH

Journey Inwards

Deep in the mist clad jungles of Kahna the morning light penetrates the thick foliage, the rays of the sun kiss the earth, and the morning dew wakes up your senses. Far in the distance you hear the roar of the Tiger, but you sit still in deep meditation.

Join us in Kahna for a Yoga Safari, a journey to your roots. We will wake up to sunrise meditations, go out on jungle safaris , meet the elusive tiger and the exotic birds of Kahna, ending your day chanting on a river bed and watching the stars as you warm yourself up by a magical bonfire.

Our humble abode for 4 days will be the amazing Flames of the Forest, set on the banks of the river Banger, a tributary of the sacred Narmada river. An intimate safari experience in a small boutique lodge is awaiting you. Step into an Indian wildlife fairy-tale, listen to jungle lore around the campfire and lose your gaze into the starlit sky. When romance meets wilderness and magic become tangible that is when you have reached Flame of the Forest.

Yoga & Wellness

As Mother Earth calls upon us to transform, change and reconnect with her once again, we move towards massive transformations, leaving behind old ideas of living; a more sustainable way of life asking us to listen to our innate nature which is deeply connected to the earth.

The yoga will be designed to align and awaken to the elements around and within us bringing a sense of wholeness and release. Deep meditations and discussions on what holds us back from living our fullest potential; manifestation exercises and chakra healing to dive deep and clear the clutter.


Chetna Chakravarthy

Chetna is a Healing Practitioner and Life Coach practicing Bio-Touch, Chakra Healing, PositiveAction Coaching and Oracle Card Reading. Her sense of reality and practical approach towards healing enables her clients to make changes and sustain healthy habits as they move towards living life to the fullest in alignment with their desires and highest good.

Chetna will be taking us through a beautiful journey of shift through our Earth Chakras – the Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras. As our being opens up towards a new way of being she will guide us into our Heart Chakra helping us experience one consciousness. Every healing session will take us through our deepest emotions uncovering patterns that need to be broken. Through the Earth Magic Retreat, you will learn to flow through your feelings and through life towards a wholesome space.

Natasha Mahindra

Natasha is a certified yoga therapist and founder of Anam Cara Yoga Retreats , a yoga travel and adventure company. She is a certified yoga therapist from the Kripalu centre in Massachusetts, she has been working in the space of chronic illness and structural issues for over 5 years now. Stepping beyond the realms of traditional asanas she enjoys sufi whirling, dynamic dance meditations discovering ancient systems of practice for women and conducts yoga for children. Natasha creates beautiful spaces and intimate gatherings using sound, art and dance therapy in collaboration with yoga and other healing practices to offer a holistic experience.

To her, yoga means: To drop the masks we wear and to give light to our shadow selves. She will be leading the morning and evening yoga classes as well as dynamic dance sessions and special guided meditations

A day at Earth Magic

Sunrise meditation on the river banks

Morning yoga & chakra healing


Circle of Healing


Jungle Safaris & Sunsets

Dinner & Bonfire under the stars



5 Days, 4 nights shared accommodation

All meals

Yoga and healing sessions

Nature activities

2 Jungle safaris

Double share Package: Rs 39,500 per person

Triple share Package: Rs 35,500

Package DOES NOT include:

Air Fare/Train Tickets

Transport to Kanha

(We are happy to guide you with the taxis and give you a car pool option as well, so the taxi cost can be shared)



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