#ClientDiaries 13 – Vision Board, Positivity Planner and Positively Unlimited Podcast

“I finished my vision board sometime last week. Thank you for having me over that day for the session. It made a huge difference on what I put on the board and also how much clarity I had at the end. Also, your guided visualisation was very powerful. I couldn’t have done it by myself. Thank you again.”

We all have dreams. We all also have fears. And we tend to operate more out of those fears than in the pursuit of our dreams. So a vision board helps in training our minds to focus on what we want rather than all that we don’t want. Read more about it here.

“Great!!…Thank you Chetna! I am really liking your meditations… They are profound!!”

The Positivity Planner is the one tool that keeps my life on track and brings out the child in me. 20 mins spent with this system everyday figures out my life through the highs, lows, chaos and stillness. Reasons to subscribe to the #PositivityPlannerSystem:

1. Meditations
2. Beautiful books with animal spirits and life changing tools.

To subscribe, click here.

“I am a regular listener of your podcast. You know this “Z” is my favourite of all. You just cleared my mind with this. All I wanted to say, thank you.”

Over the last few years, working with clients and helping them through different blocks and hurdles, I’ve realised that once empowered with the the right habits and mindsets, we can truly create a life we desire and deserve. And these “right habits and mindsets” are what I call PositiveAction. And this is my Positively Unlimited Podcast.

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