Awaken Chakras, Mumbai

Saturday, 19th Jan’19 | 9-11:30am
We are focusing on the earth chakras – root, sacral & solar plexus – to move into a deep state of forgiveness and letting go of the baggage that we need to release. No more lugging the past around. Through, yoga, chakra healing and a powerful forgiveness ritual we are creating space in the present for the future to manifest.

Sunday, 20th Jan’19 | 9-11:30am
The spirit chakras – throat, third eye & crown – will be awakened to create the energy you need to manifest your aspirations, goals and desires. We’ll be walking into the future, quite literally, after a wonderful session of yoga and chakra healing in a beautiful manifestation ritual.

Venue – @iamayogisattva Khar
Fee: 1 day – Rs 3000
Both days – Rs 4,500

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Chetna Chakravarthy

Chetna is a Healing Practitioner and Life Coach practicing Bio-Touch, Chakra Healing, PositiveAction Coaching and Oracle Card Reading. Her sense of reality and practical approach towards healing enables her clients to make changes and sustain healthy habits as they move towards living life to the fullest in alignment with their desires and highest good.

Natasha Mahindra

Natasha is a certified yoga therapist and founder of Anam Cara Yoga Retreats , a yoga travel and adventure company. She is a certified yoga therapist from the Kripalu centre in Massachusetts, she has been working in the space of chronic illness and structural issues for over 5 years now. Stepping beyond the realms of traditional asanas she enjoys sufi whirling, dynamic dance meditations discovering ancient systems of practice for women and conducts yoga for children. Natasha creates beautiful spaces and intimate gatherings using sound, art and dance therapy in collaboration with yoga and other healing practices to offer a holistic experience.

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