Change your equation with money – Money Mindset Webinar

What’s your equation with money? Have you made friends with it or does it keep eluding you? I did an instant live session on it a few weeks ago. Sharing a short clip here.

I am starting a Money Mindset Webinar to help you set this equation right. Starting 6th March, every Wednesday 9-10.30pm. 6 sessions.

Money Mindset Webinar
Session 1 | 6th March – Tuning into Abundance
Understanding this new-age word “abundance” and understanding the lack we are experiencing. Stepping out of lack is all about stepping into abundance.

Session 2 | 13th March – Rewriting our Money Story
What is your relationship with money? Shifting this equation is all about changing the way you treat money, speak about it & even how you think about money.

Session 3 | 20th March – Reality Check
What is your desire? What is the goal you are chasing? And what’s your reality – your internal energy as well as external circumstances.

Session 4 | 27th March – Break it Down to Build it Up
Using the concept of rolling targets and consistent action to move towards sustained growth. Learning to tap into the energy of persistence & determination.

Session 5 | 3rd April – Improvise & Adapt
Working through the emotions that our money goals bring up. Learning to work through fear, guilt, shame and even anger & pain.

Session 6 | 10th April – Celebrating tiny victories
Gratitude and joy fuels abundance. Growth must be celebrated and we usually do, but overcoming hurdles must also be celebrated.

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