Why pick a Healing Retreat for your next trip

Last month I was in Kanha, hosting a retreat with my friend Natasha Mahindra. It was a beautiful journey, holding space for each other and connecting with mother Earth. This was the third edition of Earth Magic Retreat in the beautiful forests of Kanha in Madhya Pradesh. I asked a few participants why would the choose a healing retreat again and why would they recommend it to friends and family, and here’s what they have to say.

Niddhi Devarsh
I’d really recommend a Healing Retreat to everyone because it really helps a person to understand their self a lot better. And add to that, both Natasha and Chetna are genuine, approachable humans and complement each other very well.

Mili Gandhi
One reason I’d come back for a retreat with Natasha and Chetna is that’s it’s a great way to unwind and an opportunity to reflect inwards.The sessions were very well curated and organised. Good balance of work and play. Lot of good takeaways. And the choice of venue was bang on.

Shirin Mehrotra
While I have always found travelling healing, this retreat was an experience we should all have once in a while. It’s a great way to connect with your surroundings while also connecting with yourself. I would recommend healing retreat to all my friends and loved ones. It’s the one thing we all must do for ourselves.

Natasha, Sonali and I are heading to Croatia in July for an Island Collective retreat. For 7 days we’ll practice restorative yoga, yoga and nutrition, chakra healing and life coaching while exploring the islands and beautiful blue waters. Click here for details.

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