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Chetna is an Alternate Healing Practitioner practicing Bio-Touch, Chakra Healing and Oracle Card Reading. Her sense of reality and practical approach towards healing enables her clients to make changes and sustain healthy habits as they move through a customised program. Chetna works with each client over a period of three to six months helping them heal their bodies, strengthen their minds and connect with their emotions. Her aim is to empower her clients with effective tools, be it physical habits, mindsets or emotional behaviour to live life to the fullest in alignment with their desires and highest good.

She conducts her Realign Chakras Redefine Life Program, a series of 8 Chakra Healing sessions she developed, in Juhu and Bandra once a week. She also helps people tackle chronic illnesses through Bio-Touch, a gentle touch therapy that stimulates the body’s inherent healing system. Through her practice she has worked with people battling Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, Liver Cirrhosis, Slip Disc, Sciatica, Adrenal and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Anxiety and Migraines. She has helped many rise from physical and emotional darkness.

An Oracle Card Reading session with Chetna is all about perspectives and shifting the present to create the desired future. It’s no wonder she has these two rules she abides by… in her words…

  1. If you come to me you must leave with hope, strength and eventually joy.
  2. If you have to keep coming back to me beyond a certain point, we aren’t doing something right.

She has completed Drunvalo Melchizedek’s Awakening The Illuminated Heart workshop and is currently completing her certification for Bio-Touch with the International Foundation in Arizona. Here’s a little more about her Circle Of Positivity in her words.

When people say it’s all in the mind they aren’t kidding. As someone whose initial curiosity is now a very strong belief, tackling underlying metaphysical causes help in speeding up recovery and fighting chronic illnesses. All my sessions, be it one on one or group, stem from my desire to empower people, nurture their inherent healing abilities and creation prowess.

IMG_0407Bio-Touch, my core practice is a healing modality that stimulates one’s inherent healing capabilities. Chakra Healing, a guided meditation based healing is another modality I practice. But they all stem from my desire to empower people, nurture their inherent healing abilities and creation prowess. Even when I turn to my Angel Oracle Decks, I lay emphasis on transforming oneself and one’s present rather than looking for answers about the future. I use the cards to determine the way forward for each client as well as my role in their lives as a facilitator of change. Working closely with each client over a period of time, I use a combination of healing techniques as is appropriate for their highest good.

I truly believe curiosity is the only spark one needs to keep the flame of faith burning bright. ‘Let go of your past, work on your present and manifest the future you dream of’ is the mantra that I live by and offer as the means for you to create the miracles you want in your life.