Over the last few years, working with clients and helping them through different blocks and hurdles, I’ve realised that once empowered with the the right habits and mindsets, we can truly create a life we desire and deserve. And these “right habits and mindsets” are what I call PositiveAction. And this is my Positively Unlimited Podcast.

Season 1:
A-Z of PositiveAction
In each episode In each episode I talk of a mindset, a way of being, that can help us reflect and discover our potential to the fullest. This series is based on my PositiveAction deck and you can click here for details about it.
Tune in every Monday for new episodes. The podcast is available here on my website and on:
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Ep. 01: A for Align

What do you want? What are you chasing?

If you are immediately thinking about what you don’t want and can’t seem to have clarity to express what you want, how will you know what you need to do to get what you want? Confused? Well, this is why being aligned is important.

Ep. 02: B for Be Still

The second card from the deck of A-Z of PositiveAction is B for Be still.

What is it about being still… Why is it important? It is in moments of stillness that we absorb, we experience and we live.

So, when was the last time you just paused all the chaos around you and had your moment of stillness?

Ep. 03: C for Clear the Clutter

You know that feeling you get when you clean your cupboard or your office drawer? There is an instant sense of order and clarity. Simply because now, you can find exactly what you are looking for.

It’s just the same with clearing the emotional clutter in your mind. How do you manage to clear your head of all the emotional mess?

Ep. 04: D for Drop the judgement

The fourth card from the deck of A-Z of PositiveAction is D for Drop the Judgement.

There is a constant sense of spewing and absorbing judgement. Wouldn’t you agree? Whatever words you choose to judge yourself or others around you, it all comes down to – I am not good enough or she or he is not good enough.

This mindset always leaves you with limiting beliefs. Why put yourself through that?

Ep. 05: E for Embrace the Change

The fifth card from the deck of A-Z of PositiveAction is E for Embrace the Change.

How do you react to any sort of change in your life? Do you struggle or do you welcome it with open arms? Is it hard for you to let go?

Maybe you should try looking at this way: this change can turn things around for you, it can build you as a person. So, embrace it!

Ep. 06: F for Forgive

The sixth card from the A-Z of PositiveAction deck is F for Forgive.

What do you feel about forgiveness? Do you think it comes easy to you? Or is it way too hard to let go of the pain and anger?

Give it a thought. Maybe you will be able to see how this mindset is holding you back and yet somewhere you are not willing to move forward.

Ep. 07: G for Give Thanks


The seventh card from the A-Z of PositiveAction deck is G for Give Thanks.

‘Count your blessings.’ ‘Show some gratitude.’ ‘Be thankful.’ These are things we hear all the time. But what is it that we make of such phrases?

Give it a thought, how important is it to spare a few moments in a day and just be thankful for everything we have.

Ep. 08: H for Heal

The eight card from the A-Z of PositiveAction deck is H for Heal.

Does talking about healing, make you uncomfortable? Healing those wounds, be it physical, mental or emotional. Letting those scars fade and accepting the beauty of the marks left behind.

How important do you think healing form your past wounds, is to your personal growth?

Ep. 09: I for Invest in Yourself

The ninth card from the A-Z of PositiveAction deck is I for Invest in Yourself.

Have you really tried figuring out your inner potential? Would you like to live this potential?

Inner potential evolves with time and it lets you grow mentally and emotionally. Well, what do you need for this to happen? Keep some time aside for yourself and you would never regret this investment.

Evolving also has much to do with embracing the various changes in life. Understand this critical factor, here.  Evolving, also requires you to step back and align your thoughts.

Ep. 10: J for Jump at that Chance

The tenth card from the deck of A-Z of PositiveAction is J for Jump at that Chance.

Life is full of chances and new opportunities, second chances and sometimes a third and fourth too. But if we don’t respond to life appropriately you won’t even know when the chance came and passed you by.

So, when do you think it is the right time to grab an oppotunity? Or how do you evaluate, a situation to make it work for you?

Ep. 11: K for Know When to Speak Up

The eleventh card from the A to Z of PositiveAction is K for know… Know when to speak up and when to hold your peace.

What kind of a communicator are you? Are you loud or soft-spoken? Or are you the silent types?

Ep. 12: L for Let Go

The twelveth card from the A to Z of PositiveAction is L for Let go of limiting beliefs.

What are these limiting beliefs? They are things we tell ourselves which aren’t entirely true. There are stories we tell ourselves. But the truth is that we aren’t incapable of anything.

To think of it, is it a limiting belief due to the fear of failure?

Ep. 13: M is for Making Conscious Choices

We pull out the 13th card in the deck – M which stands for Making Conscious Choices.

We make endless choices and decisions everyday, but do they all come from a conscious space?

Ep. 14: N for Name The Emotion

As we cross the half-way mark with the 14th card in the deck, we give a shoutout to some of our listeners.

N stands for Name the emotion.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with your own emotions? It might be time to address all your feelings and give them a release.

Ep. 15: O for Open Your Mind

The 15th card in the deck is O – which calls you to open you mind and heart.

Do you feel that your current way of functioning does not suit you anymore? It might be time to improvise.

Ep. 16: P for Pray

The 16th card in the deck is P for Pray. Sometimes all one needs to keep going is faith. Faith that you are where you’re supposed to be, faith that there’s a right time and place for everything.

Ep. 17: Q for Question Everything

The 17th card in the deck is Q for Question Everything.

So, what made you tune into today’s episode? What’s going on in your life and what is the answer your heart seeks? Today’s episode is all about learning to have a constructive conversation with yourself.

Ep. 18: R for Raise Your Vibration

The 18th card in the deck is R for Raise Your Vibrations.

Imagine the universe is a gigantic radio station with limitless channels, each frequency playing a different vibration? Which one would you want to tune into today?

Find yourself a comfortable spot, because this episode comes packed with a bonus #PositivelyUnlimited Exercise.

Ep. 19: S for See Perspectives

The 19th card in the deck is S for See Perspectives

Every situation you are going through, every challenge that you are facing – has another perspective to it. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh look to get the much needed clarity.

Ep. 20: T for Tell Your Story

The 20th card in the deck is T for Tell Your Story.

Sometimes telling your story could help you understand that there are people out there dealing with something similar. Telling your story is about owning your journey, embracing it and inspiring someone along the way.

Ep. 21: U for Understand Yourself Better

The 21st card in the deck is U for Understand Yourself Better.

This is the episode to know why you want something so bad or to make sense of why you react the way you do in that particular situation- it’s time we become our own best friend and truly understand ourselves better.

Ep. 22: V for Visualize Your Life

The 22nd card in the deck is V for Visualize Your Life.

A vision for life is important. It’s all about tapping into your sub-conscious to clearly see your deepest desires and aligning yourself appropriately.

So, grab that paper and pen to put down your desires and see the magic happen.

Ep. 23: W for Work Hard Consistently

Every week, we pull out a card to help you harness the true potential in your life. The 23rd card in the deck is about conviction and the making the best of every opportunity in every waking moment. This episode comes with a bonus exercise to help you work hard consistently.

Ep. 24: X for Xpect No More

The 24th card in the deck is about expectations and the mindset to practice this week is how to drop our expectations and consciously focus on our actions.

Ep. 25: Y for Yes To Life

The 25th card in the deck is Y for saying Yes to all that life offers us today.

Everytime we say no to something because we think we aren’t good enough or we don’t deserve that opportunity – we are losing a chance. So how do you learn to say yes to life… to all those chances?

Listen in.

Ep. 26: Z for Zone In!

We are on our final letter Z. This is episode 26th of the Positively Unlimited Podcast and no, this is not the end. It is just a completion of a cycle of change. Be sure to check in next Monday for a bonus meditation before we kick off our next circle of change.

This episode is all about zoning in and taking the time to understand what is most important to you right now.

Ep. 27: Bonus Episode with Meditation

Before we move on to a new cycle of change, here’s a bonus meditation for our dear listeners. Make sure to bookmark this episode and we’ll see you next week with new tips for a positive mindset.

Ep. 28: Assertive not Argumentative

We are back with an all new cycle of change. This cycle has a lot more than just mindsets or habits to build. In this episode, we discuss the difference between being assertive and being argumentative.

Ep. 29: Break it down to build it up

How often do you find yourself getting overwhelmed? How often does your day or life feel like too much? On this episode, Chetna talks about having a system in place to help prioritize things.

Ep. 30: Commitment vs Convenience

In this episode, I break down the ideas – C for convenience or C for commitment? When you are convinced, when you have conviction in your idea, then comes commitment. And when you believe, the notion of commitment can come easily.

Ep. 31: Determined not Desparate

‘And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.’ – Paulo Coelhlo

In this episode, I throw light over the difference between Determination and Desperation. No matter what you desire, as long as you re determined and not desperate, you will find your way to it.

Ep. 32: Empowered Not Entitled

Positive Action is taking conscious action towards life. Today’s positive action is about calling ourselves out and understanding the difference between being empowered and being entitled.

Ep. 33: For Now vs Forever

In this episode, I drop a bunch of truth bombs. I talk about the problem of fairytale-esque “Forever” and how we can consciously choose “For Now” over that. Listen in to this insightful episode!

Ep. 34: Growth vs Greed

There are two kinds of people – ones with fixed mindset and those with growth mindset. Which one are you? This week I am talking about the difference between the two and how to live a content life.

Ep. 35: Hold On vs Holding On

This episode gives us a reality check about the difference between Hold On and Holding onto something. Talking about how these two different mindsets can help you be patient and let go of things.

Ep. 36: I Am Who I Say I Am

Positive action is about focusing on what you can do, instead of getting caught in what you cannot. This episode features a simple exercise to help understand yourself better and to not be defined by labels.

Ep. 37: Jump The Gun Vs Just Breathe>

Positive action is about focusing on what you can do, instead of getting caught in what you cannot. This episode features a simple exercise to help understand yourself better and to not be defined by labels.

Ep. 38: Keep It Simple Silly

K.I.S.S – Keep it simple silly. Easier said than done?

How do we keep it simple? How do we stop overcomplicating things and overthinking? Tune in as Chetna dwells into all this and more in this episode of The Positively Unlimited Podcast.

Ep. 39: Love Yourself: The Truth and The Hype

What’s the one change you want to make in 2019? Chetna talks about how to place ourselves first and maintain a balance between our needs and other people’s needs.

Remember, placing your needs first is NOT selfish.

Ep. 40: Money Minded vs Money Mindset

What are your money goals this year? Chetna talks about the difference between being money minded versus having a money mindset.

Listen in to to learn more about how to tell the universe about your money goals.

Ep. 41: Negative Thinking – The Default Setting?

Is Negative Thinking our default setting? Why is looking at the brighter side of things not as easy?

On this episode, Chetna takes us through tips on how to put our negative thoughts to rest. Also includes a special exercise that you can do to let go of negativity.

Ep. 42: Overthinking vs organised Thinking

Do you tend to overthink? On this episode, Chetna breaks down the difference between Overthinking and Organised Thinking. Listen in to learn how to break through this downward spiral to stay in the present.

Ep. 43: Procrastination vs Productivity

On this episode, Chetna talks about a major obstacle we all face almost everyday – Procrastination! Listen in to learn how to get up and strike things off that pending list.

Ep. 44: Quality vs Quantity

Quantity with a purpose will lead to Quality of experience.
On this episode, Chetna answers the question “Why Quality over Quantity?”.
Listen in!

Ep. 45: Resentful Vs Resourceful

On this episode, Chetna guides you through a to-do list which will help you move on over the past for a more resourceful tomorrow. So, step out of resentfulness and step into your resourceful self.

Ep. 36: I Am Who I Say I Am

Positive action is about focusing on what you can do, instead of getting caught in what you cannot. This episode features a simple exercise to help understand yourself better and to not be defined by labels.

Ep. 37: Jump the Gun vs Just Breathe

We all have certain fixed notions of how things should be. It’s like this complicated metal frame that we are standing inside. But, who built this frame? How do we break out of this? How do we just breathe?