Healing requires time and consistent effort. Our body and being needs to work through all obstacles at it’s own pace. With this awareness, Chetna creates customised Programs which involve a series of spread over a period of time. 

Heal The Pain Program
Bio-Touch | 6 sessions | 45 mins per session
A series of Bio-Touch sessions to help overcome physical pain, battle chronic ailments and/or help in recovery process. Chetna has helped her own parents in the fight against Liver Cirrhosis and Cancer respectively. She has worked with clients battling Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, Migraines, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and a bunch of daily aches and pains. To read about a few success stories, click here.

Realign Chakras Redefine Life Program
Chakra Healing | 8 sessions | 60 mins per session
A series of guided meditation that uses the seven chakras and visualisations to help each individual ground, centre and align themselves. Regular Chakra Healing helps increase focus, inner strength and peace of mind. For more details about this program please click here.

Positive Action Program
Coaching Sessions | 12 sessions | 90 mins per session
A series of one-on-one coaching sessions, where Chetna gently guides you to address problems through positive thinking and positive action. If you have goals and desires, but are unable to make any progress towards it, the Positive Action Program is the way to break through those obstacles blocking your path to success.

Chetna, often customises programs creating combinations of Bio-Touch, Chakra Healing and Positive Action Coaching sessions to enable holistic life changes for her clients gently leading them to the life they desire and envision.

To schedule an appointment with Chetna for a personal consultation, please call +919833814333 or write to chetnalovelight@gmail.com