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Welcome to the Positivity Shop. Sometimes tiny, but always beautiful doses of positivity are available in the Circle Of Positivity.

Happy shopping!

Positivity Planner

The Positivity Planner is the one tool that keeps my life on track and brings out the child in me. 20 mins spent with this system everyday figures out my life through the highs, lows, chaos and stillness.

The Positivity Planner is more than just a pretty book with sections for appointments and to-do lists. It’s a life system that helps you align your thoughts, words and action. When you subscribe to the Positivity Planner System you receive:

  1. Four planners with my personal positivity system – one for every quarter. Yes, I always work on a 90 day plan.
  2. Videos explaining every aspect of my system and teaching you how to implement them in your life through the Positivity Planner. It’s time to build some strong mindsets.
  3. Three Meditation voice notes for Grounding, Cord Cutting and Manifestation.
  4. And lots of bonus goodies every time we send you your planner for the next quarter.

Price per subscription – Rs 7,500+400 (Delivery Charges)*

*The books will be shipped to you separately, one at the beginning of each quarter.

To subscribe, email at chetna@circleofpositivity.com.

Chakra Paintings

Have a few of these gorgeous Chakra Paintings created by my super talented jewellery designer friend Avani Sayed. And cos she specialises in gem stones she’s created this beautiful artworks with lovely crystals for each #chakra. You can have these to brighten up your home or shift the energies of a room.

Sizes Available:

33″ x 6″ – Rs 4000

*Shipping outside Mumbai only. Mumbai buyers can collect the paintings from my house.

*Shipping prices as per actual.


A soothing green tea laced with blueberries, hibiscus, marigold and lavender, the Positivitea is beautiful blend created by Tea Of Life exclusively for Circle of Positivity.

  • Blueberries are always a sign of good health. Green tea + blueberries…think we just created a superhero drink.
  • Lavender is a flower connected to the Crown Chakra and holds the essence of higher purpose and spiritual connection. It also promotes rest, brings on sleep and a feeling of happiness.
  • Hibiscus holds the essence of the sacred feminine energy. It helps unblock all chakras and fill one up with a sense of warmth and vitality.
  • Marigold, also known as the herb of the sun, holds the essence of passion and creativity. It connects to the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras.

This beautiful blend can help cleanse your energies and help you feel centered from within once again. If you need some calm in a tea cup, order a pack today.

Price per pack – Rs 400*

*Shipping prices as per actual

PositiveAction Deck

PositiveAction is all about taking concrete, affirmative steps towards being all that you can be. It’s about aligning your mindsets and emotions to your desires and purpose. This beautiful deck of 26 cards comes with a workbook that explains each card, carries messages from the universe as well as has exercises for you to do in order to take PositiveAction in your life.

Each card represents an alphabet, a word and an idea. In a fun and easy going way, this deck can help you change the way you live your life. It can help you move towards your goals, aspirations and dreams. A-Z of PositiveAction, that’s what you learn and experience with this deck. It’s time to change your life, one alphabet at a time.